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Assessed TP-8
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson the students will be introduced to the concept of noise pollution which is a good activity of receptive skill listening. Then the Ss will read an article about noise pollution to practice skim reading to find out the best title. For the more detailed task, Ss will answer some comprehension questions and deduct the meaning of some vocabulary. Eventually, Ss will be practicing (receptive) reading and (productive) speaking skill during a discussion about how some sounds make them feel.


Abc Handout 1 (Taylor al, Ways of Reading, Macmillan) Page 26
Abc WB
Abc Audio Clip(youtube)
Abc Handout 2( comprehension questions) I made them up.
Abc Handout 3( An explanatory diagram)

Main Aims

  • The aim of this lesson is the (receptive skill) reading. Ss will read an article about noise pollution.

Subsidiary Aims

  • the sub aim is integrated vocabulary and speaking.


Pre-reading (7-8 minutes) • To activate schemata and introduce key vocabulary for the reading

Lead-in -In groups of 3, Ss will hear some sounds and think about how they make them feel. -I play a short audio clip of the sound of police siren, construction work, sounds of the waves and soft piano music. -Ss in groups discuss how the different sounds made them feel and why Pr-teach vocabulary -During the discussion I will highlight some vocabulary they will see in the text. e.g. Physically, deafness, psychologically, affect, behavior.

Reading (20-25 minutes) • To practice reading for gist and specific information.

Gist reading - Ss will be given an article they need to read. limit time (4 min). Ss need to come up with a title. - I elicit some titles on WB and choose the best. Probably "Noise Pollution" will be given and chosen. (2 min) Reading for details. -In groups of two or three, depends on the number of the class, Ss will read the text again to answer 4 questions. Another handout is given ( the comprehension questions). (10 min) - FB from students directly, then answer key is given.(4 min) Teach some vocabualry - Meantime, I'm going to write some definitions on WB, Vocabulary on cards put randomly. - Ss are given 1 minute to read the definitions. Ss need to match the vocabulary to the correct definition. With little help of me, the meaning should be deduced from the context. (5 min)

Post-reading (10-12 minutes) • To give Ss freer speaking practice

- In different grouping, Ss will be given a handout. An explanatory diagram they need to show some examples of sounds which make them feel relaxed, happy, annoyed, sad, or a sound could be both. - To take FB, mingle the groups

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