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TP5 - Grammar and Listening
Pre-Intermediate level


Abc Audio 9.2 - If I'm late
Abc Audio 9.3
Abc Exercise 6 Handout and Answer key

Main Aims

  • To provide elicit form, meaning and pronunication of first conditional and future time clauses

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening practice of conditional and future time clauses and related verbs


Lead in - Greetings and context setting (2-3 minutes) • Greetings and Set the Context

Greetings Set the context. I almost missed the bus to school to day. If you live in Istanbul, you'll be late sometimes. If I miss the bus, I'll be late for class!

Stage 1 - First Conditionals - Form and Meaning (5-7 minutes) • Elicit form and meaning through white board demonstration and sentence review. Sentences are about the consequences of being late.

1. Write on the board If I'm late again, I'll lose my job. 2. Ask the students which is the If clause and which is the main clause - Show the answer on the white board 3. Ask the student what is verb form in the if clause? Show the answer on the white board 1. Divide students into pairs 2. Pass out handout 4b, 3. Answer the questions first as pairs. Answer the first question together 4. Monitor and assist students as needed 5. Ask specific students to share there answers as part of whole class feedback

Stage 2 - First Conditionals - Listen and Pronounce (3-5 minutes) • Listen and practice pronouncing first conditionals clauses related to being late.

* Show the stress words on If I'm late again I'll lose my job * Play the CD - just the first sentence and have the students repeat it *Ask the students to listen to and repeat the sentences. Watch for the stress

Stage 3 - First conditional clauses and verb pratice (6-8 minutes) • Students will complete conditional sentences containing and if clause and main clause with present simple and will base form verbs

1. Have students stay in pairs 2. Do first sentence as an example. - elicit don't 3. Pass handouts to each person. Have them do in pairs 4. Pass out AK and have students check in pairs 5. Monitor for error correction

Stage 4 - Listening - Future Time Clauses (8-10 minutes) • Have Ss listen to someone preparing for a trip and putting the steps in order

1. Make sure the answer key is posted 2. Draw a circle on the board. 3. Elicit from the Ss what they do to prepare for a trip. Add feedback 4. Divide the students in groups 5. Handout order strips to each group 6. Listen to the audio 7. Have the Ss try to put tasks in order (2 min) 8. Have the Ss listen to audio again 9. Have Ss put tasks in order - monitoring for completion 10. As the Ss if they want to listen again 11. As feedback, have one member from the group go find the answers. 12. The group will check their work together.

Stage 5 - Conditional versus Future Time (4-6 minutes) • Review trip preparation sentence structure for tense/verb form

Make sure the answer key is posted on the wall 1. Write sentence on the board - I'll call Frank when I get home. 2 Ask which is the when clause and which is the main clause 3.Ask about the verbs (present simple and will/won't + infinitive 4. Point out similarities with first conditional sentences: 5. Make sure students are in their groups 6. Provide the handout.. 7. Have the students fold the HO in half read the sentences and answer the questions. 8. Feed back on those questions as a whole class 9. Have the students turn the handout over and answer the questions in pairs 10. Have the students check the answer key on the wall.

Stage 6 - Conditional and Future Time Practice (6-8 minutes) • Students will practice (fill in gaps) using conjunctions and verbs to complete conditionals and future time clauses and sentences

Demo the first sentence Divide students into pairs Provide handout Provide answer key and have students check.

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