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teaching practice 3
Intermediate level


In this lesson student should learn about pronouns "somewhere,anything,everyone,etc." and how to use the in telling a story pronunciation is concerned likewise.


Abc Listening file & Player
Abc White board and Markers

Main Aims

  • To use a listening model to tell an anecdote about a party.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To use pronouns(everywhere,anything etc.) accurately


Warmer (7-9 minutes) • To get the student to use some of pronouns(eliciting)

I'm going to hand out some question to them and I will ask them to help me to get to know the city a little so they should start talking about question in groups of 3 there are some exposure to the terms in my questions(ICQ) and after the activity with some CCQs I can direct their attention to pronouns. like: where can I get a pizza? they come up with a lot of answers I would sat "I can get a pizza everywhere"

Exposure to pronouns formaly (6-8 minutes) • they can be aware of what they use and make sure how to use it

I'm going to ask them to do the first activity on the hand out which I'm going to give later after my ICQ so they can work on it in pairs meanwhile I'm going to have cards on the wall and I'm going to draw the same chart on the board so they can attach cards to the right place as a whole class activity(feed back) my chart would be with more description on the topic .CCQ

Exposure to pronouns in context (7-8 minutes) • (concept checking)

I want them to move to the second activity at this stage so that they decide which choice is the right on. and then they can get the answer in pairs. ICQ. (there are 2 photos which I didn't find useful to go for) after I'M going to ask them to listen to material and check their answers.

Pronunciation practice (5-8 minutes) • To practice pronunciation

We will be listening and repeating after this is the time for me to have some drilling on pronunciation(ICQ). Intonation and stress of words in sentences are area of focus .Then I want them to complete the given phrases to sentences and check it with pairs (still the same pair) I assume they already know last session one student used but in case of any problem I will explain.

IN PUT (8-9 minutes) • To introduce them to some useful questions and answers for their free practice

First of all I'm going to change their pairs and I'm going to play the CD for after I want them to make the matching in pairs(ICQ) I'm going to let them know one question is extra so afterward we can listen and make sure everything is fine(I'm sure their faces are a great feed back demonstrator)

Free practice (6-10 minutes) • To get a feedback over the whole recent lessons

I'm going to put them in groups of 3 people so they can tell their stories about their parties but before hand they can have one minute or so to get prepared about the idea on given questions I'm going to remind them they should use pronouns(ICQ)(Feedback) at this point I can write any vocabulary or expressions they need to talk on the board not too much though.

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