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Teaching Practice 5, Vocabulary Lesson
Intermediate, B1/B2 level


Abc HO-1 Exercices of "fill in the gaps"
Abc Whiteboard
Abc HO-2 Fill in the gaps activity of Student Book speak Out

Main Aims

  • My main aim is to teach new vocabulary about some phrasal verbs with the use of correct preposition "on", "down" up and "off".

Subsidiary Aims

  • My sub-aim is writing and speaking in order sts practice the learnt vocabulary of phrasal verbs in their own sentences


Lead-in Activity (3-4 minutes) • To warm up sts and to set lesson context

1-Teacher hangs on the board 6 pictures about computers, love-friendship and clothes. 2-Sts look at the pictures and try to guess the context. 3-Teacher asks the sts to talk each each other in pairs to discover the topic through the pictures.

Guessing activity for the context, fill in the gaps activity (3-4 minutes) • The aim is to make the sts guess the context through handout

Teacher gives sts the handout extracted from Student Book Speak Out and wants them to write the correct context for 3 paragraphs where the phrasal verbs are used. Correction are done with whole class

HO-1 : Matching activity (phrasal verbs and their meanings) (5-6 minutes) • The aim is to elicit from the student the meaning of the related phrasal verbs through HO than to test the knowledge of sts.

Teacher asks the student to match the meaning of phrasal verbs with the correct preposition. At first sts check their answers each other and then feedbacks are done by nominating some sts.

CONCEPT CHECKING QUESTIONS (10-15 minutes) • To check the understanding of sts through given HO

Teacher after eliciting the meaning, she will ask the sts to read the previous 3 paragraphs on HO of SB. Then nominating some sts, she clarifies the meaning of each verbs, their stress, pronounciation. then she writes on the board the verbs with the form and their stress. She makes the class drill.

Writing and Speaking Activity (10-15 minutes) • To develop productive skill

Teacher asks the students to speak using the related target vocab and to write down their own sentences. The correction is done in groups.

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