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Elementary A2 level


In this lesson Sts will answer lead-in question to have an understanding of what the context is all about. T will elicit some questions before the pre-reading, then for while reading stages, students will guess the meaning of the title and skim & scan the text for specific answers. T will follow the stages of elicit, model, highlight, drill and board to clarify the use and function of each word. Sts will complete some follow up exercises to fully understand the context and be able to use the new vocabulary they have just learned during while reading. This will be followed by a freer practice activity to engage the students in communicating to find their pairs. The lesson will end with a communicative grammar exercise so the students have a chance to move around the room to ask and answer each others questions in the present simple.


Abc interactive answer question handout

Main Aims

  • To read a text about the pros and cons of wearing uniforms for gist, specific info and contextual guessing

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise Present Simple questions and short answers for accuracy


Pre-reading (5-6 minutes) • to prepare Sts for the text and activate schemata

T sets the context by uttering the first half of the sentence and waits to elicit the answers from students. teacher follows as below > I am ... (expected answers: zeynep, teacher) > I am in.... (the classroom) > I am a ... (teacher) > and you are.... (students) > really? how? ... Sts are shown images of 3 different people wearing uniforms for different jobs. T elicits further questions: >who they are? >how do we know? >what are the wearing? in order to elicit the word 'uniform' from them.

Pre-reading activity (3-4 minutes) • to increase the understanding of the context and the idea of the main key word 'uniform'.

Sts are set into groups of 4 and are given a small piece of paper. Sts write a letter (a-b-c-d) for the name of their group. Ask them to think of 4 different jobs that they are expected to wear a uniform. Sts will discuss in groups then write them down. When they have finished they will swap papers around to look at what the other groups have came up with. T elicits the answers from them.

While reading 1 (5-6 minutes) • to read the text for gist and check all their predictions.

Sts are shown the photos taken from the book with the title. Sts are asked whether they have an idea of the phrase 'for or against?' elicit answers from Sts then write them down on the board. ( for and against = Do you agree with it or not?) explain concerning uniform (Do you like it or not?) asks Sts to guess who will be for or against wearing a uniform? They will read the text to identify which paragraph belongs to which photo. ( 1 Sarah, 2 Marie, 3 Jon) elicit question: What do they do? = What are their jobs.

While reading 2 (10-12 minutes) • to guess the meaning of unknown words from context.

Sts focus on the 'pink' highlighted words on the paper they were given. T asks them to guess the meaning of the highlighted words in groups of three or four. T elicits the meaning of each key vocab & phrase from Sts (tie, skirt, get dressed, trousers, nylon top, jacket, shirt and tie, comfortable. T follows the stages, (model, highlight, drill, board) T shows pictures of each word or phrase to clarify the image in their minds. Draw students attention on the words highlighted in blue (prefer, idea, think about, practical, easily, important.) drill these words and focus on stress, parts of speech, linking words.

While reading 3 (5 minutes) • to read for specific information

Sts work individually to skim the text in detail and answer the questions. Make sure you ask ICQ question for instruction. How do we read? In pairs or alone (by yourself) ? Give them time to read, and ask them to check their answers in pairs. (answer key: 1 Marie, 2 Jon, 3 Sarah)

Follow up (3 minutes) • to encourage oral fluency through personalising the topics in the text.

Sts are asked; > Do you wear a uniform at work /school? > Do you like it? > Why (not)? > Do you think uniforms are a good idea?

Practice activity (5-7 minutes) • to have Sts practice their receptive skills through matching.

The class is divided into two, half of the Sts have the half of a sentence that defines their job through describing their uniform. The others have the other half of the sentence. Sts are expected to mingle around and find the other half of the sentence they have. When they find their pairs, they will tell us what their jobs are.

Communicative Grammar (5 minutes) • to practise asking accurate questions and short answers in present simple

students are given a handout, and asked to mingle around the room to practise asking and answer questions using the Present Simple

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