Zeynep ALAY Zeynep ALAY

Lexis: Job-Work
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson students are supposed to learn new words and collocations


Abc Word replacing
Abc Word snake
Abc Gap filling
Abc Matching
Abc comprehension questions

Main Aims

  • to build up new vocabulary and collocations about "job and work" topic

Subsidiary Aims

  • developing speaking skills using new vocabulary, and brain storming


Listening (5-10 minutes) • to lead-in

It is a warm up activity with gap filling, Because students are supposed to fill the gaps which are jobs. By this way they will meet with the topic. and then They will check with their pairs

Speaking (5-10 minutes) • to engage the topic

students are supposd to talk about the jobs which their, their parents' and their grandparents'have done.

Work-Job (5 minutes) • pre-task of lexis

3 questions will be wrtitten on the board and stundents will be asked to fill in the gaps with work or job.

Replacing (5-10 minutes) • to build up new vocabulary

Students are going to be given a HO, including some words in the box and they will be asked to replace these words with the underlined words in 3 questions written on the board

Word snake (2 minutes) • to build up new vocabulary

stundets will be given a word snake and they will be asked to identify the jobs in it.

Collocations (5-7 minutes) • to develop their collocation corpus

Students are going to be given a HO- controlled exercise. they will use the verbs given in the box above

Matching (5-10 minutes) • to provide meaningful vocabulary

Students are going to be asked to match the jobs with their definitions with the HOs given.

Post=task (5-10 minutes) • to check the concept

stundents are supposed to discuss 6 questions about the jobs given in the wordsnake.

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