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Copy of Future Continuous, Future Perfect
Upperintermediate level


In this lesson, students will practice Future Continuous and Future Perfect through controlled, semi-controlled and freer activities.


Abc sentence cards
Abc handout 1
Abc handout 2
Abc handout 3
Abc sentence cards

Main Aims

  • To provide Practice for Future Perfect and Future Continuous to provide accuracy

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking practice for accuracy in conversations using Future Perfect and Future Continuous


Lead-in (6-8 minutes) • to practice the target language (Future Perfect/Future Continuous)through sentences on the walls

T. sticks 5 couples of sentences on the walls and Ss stand up read them and discuss their meanings. They decide if each couple have got the same meaning or not. When they sit down, t. gets the answers from them and focuses on the meaning and form to revise the previous lesson quickly.

Practice (controlled) (10-12 minutes) • setting the context for the target language

T. introduces the character called Mike and asks them to guess about his position, age, job then shows his plans throughout the day on Thursday. They look at it for a while and then they,individually, fill in the blanks with the verbs in the box using the target language. Teacher takes notes while monitoring.They discuss the answers in pairs and give the answers. Teacher gives feedback. T. wants them to find the sentences which are suitable to use "in the middle of "and "on the way to"

Practice for clarification (semi-controlled) (6-8 minutes) • to provide practice of the target language generate more sentences from the context

t. gives a handout which includes some information about Mike's life in 2023, and by 2023. Students read them and in pairs they discuss whether they agree or not. Then they add two more sentences individually, and discuss in pairs. Teacher gets the answers from the students.

practice (semi-controlled) (10-12 minutes) • to practice the target language by making a link to their lives.

t. gives the handout to them which includes 8 time expressions used in the target tenses. T. lets ss put in two different categories Future Perfect or Future Continuous. Then, they write about their lives. They discuss their answers in pairs then they talk about their partners.

Production stage for the target language ( Freer) (3-5 minutes) • to talk about the period 100 years later using the target language

T. writes on the board How will the world have changed in 100s time? Students in pairs make two guesses and say them to the class.

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