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Oliver TP7 Listening to advice, giving advice
Elementary A2 level


During the course of this lesson, Ss will practice the receptive skill listening in the context of money and safety and the productive skill speaking while giving advice to an imaginary relative coming to study in Izmir.


Abc TP7 HO1 Part1 Gist listening
Abc TP7 Vocabulary pictures
Abc TP7 HO1 Part 2 gap-fill exercise
Abc TP7 HO1 Part3 Yes or No?

Main Aims

  • Listening: At the end of the lesson Ss will be able to listen and understand money and safety related advice.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking: To provide a clear context (a relative coming to study in Izmir) in which they can give advice (about what this person should/shouldn’t do in Izmir)


Lead-in (5 minutes) • To have Ss get into the atmosphere of the topic ‘money’ by asking them to give advice to somebody winning ten thousand Turkish Liras in the lottery.

Tell Ss that their friend just got ten thousand Turkish Liras from the lottery. In pairs ask students to give advice to their friend by saying for example: “You should buy the new IPhone” Or “You should by new shoes” etc.

Vocabulary (9 minutes) • Pre-teach vocabulary for the listening

Introduce target vocab using pictures and elicit. Target vocabulary: scared, look after, possessions, safety, crowded, pocket, pickpocket, thief, note Use CCQ’s to see if Ss have understood the target vocab correctly. Drill pronunciation Write vocab on board, show stress and part of speech. Show visuals

Listening for gist (5 minutes) • To have Ss listen to a recording and identify the main idea.

Show HO1 and tell Ss to read the three options in pairs and understand it well. Give 2 minutes. Tell them they are going to listen to Sue Cutler and chose the best summary. Play audio (1:04) twice. Have Ss peer check and elicit answer

Listening for details (9 minutes) • To have Ss listen to a recording and identify some details from it.

Show second part of HO1 to Ss and tell them that they are going to fill the blanks by listening to Sue Cutler. Have Ss read it for 2 minutes Play audio two times. When playing a second time, stop where the answers are. Have Ss pair check. Tell Ss that the answers are at the bottom of part 3 of HO1

Post listening speaking activity (6 minutes) • To have Ss discuss and answer some questions in the context of the listening done in the previous exercise

Show HO1 part 3 and tell them to think about the listening and answer the questions. Ss work in pairs. Give Ss 5 minutes to finish. Have Ss peer check with different partners. Ask individual Ss Q1 to Q4 for W/C F/B

Freer speaking fluency activity (11 minutes) • To Have Ss discuss to give advice in the context of a cousin coming to Izmir to study.

Put Ss in groups of 3-4 depending on the number of Ss. Explain that their cousin finished high school and is now a student at Ege University. She is coming from a small city. You and your friend will tell her what she should eat, drink, buy, go to see, take (bus, metro) in Izmir, etc. You are also going to tell her what she should not do in Izmir (what is dangerous) or what she shouldn’t eat drink, go to in Izmir, etc. Monitor and offer delayed F/B for mistakes

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