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Speed dating
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson the students are going to work on reading comprehension through some tasls. They are also going to learn some new words that are going to be active in the following freer practice. They must to work as a team.


Abc Pictures, handout

Main Aims

  • Reading - to provide and practice of reading related to speed dating.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary give students chance to elevate their speaking.


Warmer/lead in (10-15 minutes) • To encourage students to predict about the topic.

In this stage I will ask two questions which is about date. First I will ask them about their experience of date with some one. Second I ask would you like to have date with more than one person at time. After that I want students play a role about speed dating. I give them some questions on a papare and one of student meet other students one by one and ask this questions: Hello, How are you doing? Whats your name? How old are you? Are you single or marride? Can you tell me anout your favorite? After that students be able to understand the text.

Pre-teach vocabulary (5-8 minutes) • To teach three of words that help students to understand the text.

There are some words that give students a hard time to understand the text. In this stage I able yo ask some questions in which the new words are used such as speed dating, exciting, nervous. The students will ask for the meaning and I pre-teach them. For instance I show them some pictures and they can gues the meaning and that help them for memorise the meaning.

While reading- reading for detail (8-10 minutes) • To practice reading for detailed comprehension for learnars to understand the text in depth.

In this stage students are going to read the text very carefully. They must to read the hand out and elicit the meaning to inderstand the text in more depth. If they have any question I will give the answer to help them to understand the text clearly and save the time.

Freer practice (8-10 minutes) • The students to practice the new words through discussing their ideas of the topic.

In the last stage the students have a good chance to make their conversayion and use which new words they learn. I ask them quesyion: do you think speed datinng is a good idea? Why? Why not?

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