Manel Manel

Family vocabulary,have got/has got form and possessive 's.
Elementary level


In this lesson the teacher’s aim is to enable the students to practice the family'vocabulary, has got/have got form and the possessive’s. The lesson starts with the teacher displaying a family tree on the screen and asking the Ss ;who are Steve and Molly? :What is the relationship between Steve and Molly? Then,T instructs the Ss about the upcoming guided activity(gap fill tree ). SS will use the worksheets A and B provided by the teacher to find out the answers They will be working in pairs in order to discuss and exchange their answers.Later on T checks the students ‘ understanding through questions like (who is Jack’s wife?).Finally,the lesson's sub-aim is to go through some productive and receptive skills such as( reading,speaking...).


Main Aims

  • Vocabulary+Grammar

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading+speaking+writing


stage 1 (2-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage the students

T passes a ball to the students to encourage them to say thier names T writes words on the board(family groupings) which contains odd words.T calls one student to cross out the odd words out.

Stage 2 (2-5 minutes) • To get the students to know the relationship between the family members

T presents a picture of the family tree on the board and asks the students who are Molly and Steve(HO p119) then asks them about the nature of the relationship between Molly and Steve

stage 3 (2-5 minutes) • To ask the students to practice the targeted vocabulary

T will instructs the Ss how to ran the guided activity p119 by giving them the worksheets A and B.Group A get worksheet A.Group B get worksheet B.Then every pair will disuss the answers with the other pair from the same group.

stage 4 (2-6 minutes) • To clarify and elicit some questions to check the students understanding

T reminds the Ss that they will be filling out only half of the tree.T checks SS understanding by asking questions like:Who is Laura `s husband. T tells students from group A to work with a student from group B. T controls the groups with interferring

stage 5 (2-6 minutes) • T corrects the activity with the whole class

T asks questions to check answers T gives the Ss a the final HO about the possessive `s then checks the answers with the whole class.

stage 6 (2-4 minutes) • To give Ss more practice on the target language

T gives the Ss a final HO about the possessive`s then checks the answers with the whole class

Delayed Error Correction (2-4 minutes) • To correct common errors

T monitors the class during the last stage and will give error correction feedback to the WC on the board.

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