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seniorentreff : Competitive sports
B1 level


In this lesson the students start with an activity to practise modal verbs for rules and sports terms by means of a gapfill where they ask and answer questions in pairs. They then work together to guess which sport it is. The students are then introduced to the verbs like -ing / 'd like by means of a listening text. This is followd by controlled practice where the students make sentences using picture prompts and then a speaking exercise to give them some freer practice.


Abc What sport is it?

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of Modal verbs in the context of Rules and sports terms
  • To provide clarification of like -ing / 'd like to in the context of Sport

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of like -ing / 'd like to in the context of Speaking about pictures and future ambitions.


Starter (0-10 minutes) • To practise using modal verbs.

Explain activity - to ask questions to identify a sport. Pairs (A + B) each receive half of a worksheet. Take turns to ask what they can / can't, have to / don't have to, must / mustn't do in this sport (e.g. What can you do?). Complete the missing information in the grid. Work together to suggest what sport it is. (Answer : Rugby Union)

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