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Books and movies, present perfect
Elementary, A2(A1) level


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of Present perfect in the context of books and movies

Subsidiary Aims

  • Is to make sure that Ss participate in conversation and they can personalize the topic and share their own ideas


Warmer/lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Greeting and trying to know Ss, I'd ask them what is your favorite movie? While they're thinking I'd put my photos on the board or a wall and give them suggestions do you like this movie? Encouraging them to give me answers. If the class went silent I'd share my favorite movie with them. I'd say my favorite movie is Harry Potter. I have watched Harry Potter, Next, I'll ask Have you watched Harry Potter? Yes or no? By showing my thumb up or down. Have you read Harry Potter? Yes or no? The ss will either say yes or no, now I'll keep the mentioned photos on one side and I'd write ss sentences in present perfect on the board.

Grammar (10-12 minutes) • To introduce them with present perfect

I'd write the sentences they have shared at the beginning of the class in a present perfect structure on the board. For example, Mr. Mansuri has watched lord of the rings. Mrs. Hatami has watched twilight. Then I'll ask Mrs. Hatami these questions one by one, making sure she says no to each question. do you know when he watched lord of the rings? Can you see the time? I'll ask further questions from the second student. Are you watching lord of the rings now? Did you watch it before? After his response, I'll say when s.th happens in the past but we don't know when we'll use present perfect. Here Mr.Mansouri has watched lord of the rings in the past but we don't know when. Mrs. Hatami has watched twilight in the past but we don't know when. Do you know when he/she watched....? He/she watched it in the past or the present? Now, look at "have watched" Here, is "watched" present simple or past simple? Is it a regular verb or an irregular verb? (Now if they didn't know what a regular verb is I'll ask why watched is past simple? If they still couldn't answer I'll point to the ed part of watched and give them some examples orally. And slowly show them the written form of regular verbs.) Now I'll tell them that regular verbs don't like change so when we make present perfect structure they don't change. Just like here. We have "watch, watched, watched". It didn't change. Now I'll keep one example of the regular verb and clean the board and start to say, but irregular verbs are crazy they like to change, for example, I have ... my keys. forget changes to forgot and now in present perfect sentences, they change again. Now we have "Forgotten". "I have forgotten my keys." Now underline have forgotten and has watched and tell them that they make present perfect together. With another colorful marker, I'll write on top the sentence I have = I've, he has = he's, etc. And then I'll write the same sentence in negative form and tell them after "have" we put "not" and show them I have not = I haven't Now I would put them in pairs( because I have 2 students) and give them a chart to fill which is about I have = I've and its negative form and tell them they have 1 minute. And ask ICQ. Because I have 2 students I'll just look at their answers instead of writing them on the board and taking the time. Now I'll give another controlled task which is the question "a" on page 147 and mention they have one minute, Then ask them ICQ. Now that they have finished with their answers I'll check if they made any mistakes.

Vocabulary (12-15 minutes) • To introduce them with verb3- past particular

As they are in pairs I'll tell them to look at the chart on page 93. Let's focus on column3. These verbs are past participle. Write base form on the first column and simple past on the second column. One of them is different. You have 3 min. Ask ICQ. Are you going to speak together or write together? Do you have 3 min or 5 min? alone or in pair? After they finished I'll give them the correct answers. Open your book and listen to these verbs. Are you going to listen or write? Are you going to listen to all of the verbs or one verb? Now listen again. Repeat after me. Are you going to repeat after me or after the audio? I'll play the audio again and pause after each past participle so we can repeat the 3 forms. Now let's practice again. Close your book. I'll tell you the first column and you tell me the other verbs. ICQ: Are you going to answer first column verbs or the others? Sometimes I'll ask all of them and sometimes I'll call names. Now again in pairs do exercise "d". You have 3 minutes. ICQ: Alone or in pairs?3 min or 2 min? I'll write the correct answer on the board.

Pronunciation (10-15 minutes) • To make sure they know sentence stress and pronunciation

Open book page 93. This book is a fantasy novel. Make sure they know all the words. Do you what fantasy is? Look at the dialogue. You need to put more stress on these large words. Let's listen to this dialogue. Are you going to listen or speak? Are you going to listen to this book or this dialogue? Now let's listen again and repeat after me. Are you going to repeat after me or after my pause? Now I'd put them in pairs and give them a mini-board. let's Listen to Alan and Lucky. Write what they are going to do tonight In 3 words. Are you going to listen or speak? Are you going to write an answer? You will write it on your mainboard or you will just listen? How many words you should write? 3 or 4? Now open page 92. This is the reading. Listen again. I'll play the audio now. Check their answers. Find present perfect sentences in this reading alone. You have 1 minute. ICQ. Where is the present perfect sentences? Now I'll put them in pairs and give them a highlighter and tell them to highlight 3 words that need the stress. You have one minute. Are you going to highlight all of the words or 3 words? Are you going to do it alone or with a partner? Do you have 1 min or 2 min? Check the answers.

Grammar 2 (5-6 minutes) • To cover the challenging part

On my board, I'll show how to use "ever" and question form of preset perfect. I'll give them miniboard and Now do exercise b on page 147 alone. You have 3 minutes. Are you going to do exercise b or do? Alone or in pair? 3 min or 4 min? Check your answers together. Now I'll give them the correct answer.

Speaking and listening (5-7 minutes) • To make Ss have conversations and cover the unknown words

Look at the chart on page 93. I'll show them which one. I'll ask them to read these 7 sentences alone. You have 1 minute. In pairs or alone? 1 min or 2 min? Write sth or just read it? I'll ask them Is there a vocabulary you don't know? If the answer was yes I'll explain it to them and give its pronunciation. Now I'll put them in pairs and give them a box which is full of different topics. I'll ask them one by one to pick a topic and make a present perfect sentence. Their partner should guess if it is the truth or lie.

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