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Reading and Writing for Lower Secondary
A2/B1 level


Abc Gallery walk sheets

Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson the learners will have (i) Understood relevent lexis (ii) Read intensively part 1 of a story Finder's Keepers (iii) Read extensively part 2 of the story (vi) Planned their own ending (v) Indepenently written an ending to the story.

Subsidiary Aims

  • 1. Prediction 2. Intensive reading 3. Inferring meaning


Introduce possible new lexis (10 minutes) • To ensure that everyone understands the following text

Hand out the definition sheet and ask the students to work in pairs. Gallery walk to match the words to their definitions. When they have finished reveal the answers on the IWB

Story Part 1 (7 minutes) • To read and understand this part of the story

Hand out the first text. Ask the learners to read, answer the 4 comprehension questions and check answers with their partner. Reveal the answers on the IWB Now, in a group of 3 or 4 try to predict whaat you think might happen next.

Story Part 2 (15 minutes) • The students will read a second part of the story

Hand out the text for part 2 of the story. Ask the students to read through this text, underlining words they don't understand, and carry on reading. At the end, ask students to check the highlighted words. Have they decoded any of them? Clarify any lexis necessary and ask ICQs a) Does Harry listen to the Professor's warnings about the inhabitant of the grave? b) What is Harry's driving motivation?

Planning (18 minutes) • Planning an end to the story.

Ask the students to work in pairs using their notebooks. Elicit: How Harry might feel now he is the only person in the world moving around. Are the other people frozen or dead? Will they start to decompose? Is there any way he can possibly mend the whistle? How is he going to live his life. Will there still be electricity and water. Or food? Plan an end to this story. Make sure to use different kinds of sentences. Check with the first parts of the story if you are not sure.how to make your sentences. Write about 150 words

Writing Production (30 minutes) • To write an ending to the story.

Ask the students to use the plans they have outlined to write their own end to the story. Remind them it is not a test. They should come and ask for help if they need it. They should ask for spellings, which can then be written on the board for everyone's benefit.

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