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B1 Intermediate level


In this lesson studetns will learn new vocabulary about traveling. The will also practice their speaking.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of transportation and travel vocabulary.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy for their speaking skill


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • Introduce Ss to some of the vocabulary

T gives Ss the Wordsearch HO without the list of words. Ss work in pairs to find as many words connected to travel as possible T ask each pair how many they found. T asks each group for just 1 word AK are distributed to each group.

Introduction Task (7-10 minutes) • To get Ss engaged in the topic of transportation and travel

T asks questions to the w/c Where do you live? How long does it take you to go to work? Which transport do you use? T gives Ss HO2 and ask Ss to discuss the questions T takes some general FB regarding the third question.

First Task (10-12 minutes) • Talk about transportation and travel in Edinburgh

T shows a picture of Edinburgh and asks if they know where this city is. T then writes the name of the city and ask students to pronunce it. T then writes it phonetically and drills. /ɛdənbəro/ Teacher gives HO with a reading about Edinburgh and asks students to quickly read it, not worring about choosing the answers. T tell sthe Ss they are just trying to find out about the transportation in the city. Ss are asked to comment in pairs after the initial reading. w/c feedback is done. T ask students to choose the correct answers for the text. This will also be done in pairs. Answers will be placed on the walls so Ss can get FB

Second Task (10-12 minutes) • verb collocations in the context of travelling

T elicits from Ss what kind of transport there is in Istanbul. Teacher writes them on the w/b T has a HO but first he will demostrate what the task is about. T writes the verb 'catch' on the board and elicits a few answers on the w/b in the form of a list. T tells the Ss that they can use the Edinburgh text for help. T gives the HO with the verbs and students must complete it in pairs. When they finish T gives the AK and deals with any questions.

Wrap-up (6-8 minutes) • Productive and personlized task using the correct verb collocations and vocabulary

T ask sS to rearange in groups of 3 and are asked to rewrite the information in ex. 2 but personalizing it to the city of Istanbul. Ss are given a A5 paper to do this task Ss finally interchange their papers and check eachothers answers. İts a Ss-Ss FB

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