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Past Simple Tense
A2 level


I have a highschool students who are 13 years old and 9th grade. In this lesson students will learn to talk about past. We started with learn what is the past simple tense, then I pair them groups for prepare sentences about 19 May because they are on this topic at history lesson.


Abc Projection
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Main Aims

  • To provide of Past Simple tense in the context of 19 Mayıs

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review in the context of independence war


Teach the grammar on the board (20 minutes) • Teach them directly

With a slide show, I teach them the past simple tense. They will use their see and ears at the same time.

Pair Works (10 minutes) • Push them to think and create something

I will pair them as gropus and I want to write 5 sentences about 19 May from them.

Checking of the sentences (15 minutes) • To give them feedback

We check and fix wrong parts together with a moderate dabate.

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