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Hala Laith.17 June 2013
Upper-Intermediate level


This lesson is focused on grammar within the context of Art , the students will practice the grammar through narrating past events using the past simple ,past continuous and past perfect .they will do various activities in pairs and groups to practice using the suggested grammar and the speaking will be focused on accuracy .


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to use the narrative tenses to tell stories and talk about sequence of events in the past .they will be aware that past simple is the most commonly used narrative tense ,the past continuous is most often used for setting the scene and the past perfect shows a relationship in time .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of the target language in accurate way through speaking , students speak about a good and bad situations they encountered in the last weekend .


lead -in (10 minutes) • to set the context for the lesson and grammar

-To warm up the class the teacher asks few questions to generate ideas and let the students participate in giving opinions to drag then into the context of the lesson . do you like art ? what kind of art do you like ? how about drawing and painting ,do you know any famous artists ? -before watching a movie of a famous artist the teacher tells the students that they are going to discuss these questions after the movie : what the movie is about ? do you know any information about the artist ? when dis the actions take place ?

Grammar input (15 minutes) • to introduce the target language and generate practicing

_Students will listen to the detailed events for the life story of the famous artist who they watched a movie about her in the previous stage ,Ss are going to listen for details to improve their receptive skills , before listening teacher gives instructions and separate the students into two groups A,B each group will contain 1 and 2 students , the teacher asks all the 1 students to be in group A ,and all the 2 students to be in group B , then teacher handout paper slips concerning the events they are going to hear ,students will be asked to narrate the sequence of events and shortly rewrite the life story they are going to listen . -after giving them 5 minutes to work in pairs in group A , 1 and 2 students will go back to their first partners and combine their answers to write the whole story ,the teacher will elicit answers as WC and draw the time line of the events on the WB to illustrate the time these events happened and clarify using the past tenses within these events .

practice /production task 1 (10 minutes) • to provide an opportunitty to practice the TL

-the students will read a text within the context , before reading the teacher gives instructions ,asks the student to choose the correct choice among the verb tenses and ask the students to match between the text and one of the headlines presented at the beginning . -students compare their answers in pairs as peer checking then each pair join another to form a bigger group ,then the bigger group join another towards pyramiding ,feed back will take place through eliciting .

Speaking activity (10 minutes) • to check understanding and practice using the past tenses to narrate past events

the teacher gives the students a context and ask them to talk in pairs about a good or bad situation or experience they had last weekend ,students will talk about personal experiences and use the past tenses to narrate the events ,then each student in the pair will talk about his partner experience ,this will be very beneficial to generate practicing .

Free activity(if I have time ) (5 minutes) • to provide further practicing and clarifying

-the teacher handout free activity after giving instructions , the students will find prompts to write complete sentences ,they must choose the best past form of the verbs . -ask the students to work in pairs and check answers ,the teacher elicit the whole class for feed back .

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