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Copy of Grammar: Present Continious
Elementary level


In this lesson, students learn about present continious through the context of holiday photos. The lesson starts with a discussion about personal/holiday photos on Facebook. This is followed by a speaking exercise then a grammar matching exercise. Finally there is some controlled and semi-controleld practice through gap-filling sentences, matching and guessing activities. The lesson then concludes with a freer speaking practice for students to talk about their own personal/holiday photos.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of present continious in the context of travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of personal/travel photos


Stage 1 • Lead in

The class starts with recalling each other's names. Some screen shots of my Facebook profile will be projected to build the context for later's freer speaking activity. This lead in will also highlight some of the target language used while sowing students the photos.

Stage 2 • Warm up

After projecting the personal photos, students will be asked about how they like taking their own photos. A small handout will be distributed for students to underline what is true for them, they are then asked to share their answers in pair work. Once the speaking activity is over, some students will be picked to ask them what they learned about their partner.

Stage 3 • Language Focus

Once students are done with their speaking activity, they can then move on to the introduction of the grammar exercises. A handout will be passed on for students to complete a matching exercise. They will be asked to match the pictures on the board with the sentences they have written down in the handout. The lesson can then transition to focussing on the marker sentences. Some of the sentences in the handout will be written on the board to highlight its form, meaning and drilling of the sentence.

Stage 4 • Controlled Practice

After students are exposed to the form of the target language, students can then start on a gap fill grammar exercise that will be handed it out to them. An example is demonstrated before students can start on the task. Once students are done with the task, they can resume peer checking with in groups. After peer checking is done, groups of students can compete to get as many correct answer keys on the wall. During feedback, students will be asked if they got every answer correctly.

Stage 5 • Semi-controlled Practice

In this stage, cut-up papers are handed out to students in pairs. An example is demonstrated before the task. They are asked to fill the gaps in the paper, which will then move on to a speaking and guessing activity. After students are done, feedback is done by nominating some pairs and asking them what they guessed of the answers.

Stage 6 • Freer Speaking

The context of Facebook photos will be brought up again in reference to the first stage. Students are then asked to show their own personal facebook photos of themselves or people in their lives by discussing in pairs or groups to create a more speaking productive environment.

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