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In this lesson ss will practice saying what clothes they've got through various games and controlled speaking practices.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, ss will have practiced saying what clothes they've got.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise aural recognition.
  • To provide revision of previously covered vocabulary


Lead in (5-10 minutes) • To set the context to raise interest and revise the previously learnt vocabulary

T greets the ss and asks the ss how they are feeling. Then T takes out the clothes flashcards and puts on the floor. T also asks the ss what the cards are while putting them on the floor. Then T demos the activity. T says -We’ll play twister. ( and waits for a second to see if any of the ss know the game. If yes, T demos the activity with that s. If no, T demos the activity herself. ) T points to her knee and elicits the answer. Then T points out to her head and elicits the answer. T says - I’ll say “Put your knee on a “ T-shirt”. Put your head on “shoes”.” T does the first one and chooses one student to demo again. T asks the s -Put your knee on a “dress”. Put your head on “gloves”. Then T praises the s and asks for another volunteer. T says -Put your knee on a “shirt”. Put your head on “socks”. T praises the s and asks for another volunteer but this time T also chooses another s to be the T. T encourages the “teacher” s to use the whole sentence structure and puts a piece of card with the target structure on the board. T repeats the activity until all the ss become either a T or a s. T praises all the ss at the end.

Presentation/ Controlled practice 1 (5-10 minutes) • To introduce and practice the new structure

T takes “Put your knee/head on ……” cards and sticks a new piece of paper with the target language ( I've got a ...../ I've got .......) on but covered. T shows the ss plane tickets and her suitcase saying -I’m going on a holiday! This is my bag. Shall we look inside and see what I have got. T starts taking out some clothes one by one saying -I've got a ..... (T waits for the ss to tell the word) T-shirt . Then T points out to the color and says -I've got a blue T-shirt. T uncovers the piece of paper showing the target language to scaffold. Then T nominates the ss to come and choose an item and encourages the ss to say "I've got ....." T repeats the activity until all the items are finished. T praises the ss frequently.

Controlled practice 2 (2-4 minutes) • To get ss to consolidate and use what they’ve learnt in the provided context with a controlled activity

T sticks an enlarged bingo card on the board and shows the ss a hat with flashccards in it. T says -We're going to play bingo. T demos the actvity. T closes her eyes and takes out one flashcard and says - I've got shorts. Then T finds the "shorts" from the bingo card and crosses out with a board marker. Then T asks another s to pick a card from the hat. T encourages the s to form a sentence "I've got ...." T volunteers another s to cross out the Picture. T repeats the this process until all the pictures are crossed out ( T prepares a bingo card with only 4 pictures) and then T says "Bingo" and puts her hand up. Then T says -Now we'll play together. Are you ready? First T asks for a volunteer to be the teacher's helper and chooses one. Then T asks ss to get their pencils and hands in the bingo cards. Teacher's helper takes out a flashcard from the hat and says "I've got a ...." T scaffolds the activity. ( T points out to the TL card on the board and praises the s each time)

Controlled practice 3 (2-4 minutes) • To give ss the chance to practice and excel in the TL

T sticks an enlarged copy of the workbook activity and takes some colored pencils. T demos the activity. T read what Katie says - "I've got a purple skirt" T takes a purple colored pencil and colors. Then T points out to the rest of the sentence ".. a yellow t-shirt" T takes a blue colored pencil and pretends coloring. T asks ICQ- -Is this color right? NO -Do you read and color OR just color? READ and COLOR - Now it's your turn to do the same thing. Read and color. T gives out the handouts and monitors the ss. T puts some background music. T provides extra materials for the early finishers.

Controlled practice 4 (2-4 minutes) • To give ss a chance to recall what they’ve learnt and check their understandings

T asks ss to make a circle with their chairs. T demos the activity. T stands in the middle of the circle and says - I've got black socks ( showing her socks) Then asks " WHO has got black socks? If you have black socks, stand up. When the ss stand up, T tells the ss to swap chairs and T also tries sitting down but walks very slowly ( for the first demo) so that T stands in the middle again. T says "I've got gloves." and looks at the ss to see if there are any ss. If not, T takes out a Picture of a house and says - I've got gloves but at home. - Have you got gloves at home? (YES) If so, stand up and change chairs. THen T chooses a strong s to demo again. ICQ- - Can you sit down all the time? ( NO) - If you have the same clothes, do you change chairs? (YES) T repears the act until all the ss have a chance to go. T praises the ss all the time. T uses the behavioural chart at the end of the acivity.

Controlled practice 5 (3-8 minutes) • To provide ss with a productive activity allowing ss to personalize the context

T sticks a large paper on the board and asks - Draw yourself ( T draws a very simple stick man) and your clothes. T draws a quick T-shirt and a skirt on the stick girl. Then T writes "I've got a red T-shirt and black skirt" on the speech bubble. Then T hands in the ss' papers and monitors the ss. T puts some background music. T asks questions to the ss while monitoring. If time allows, some ss might show their pictrues and read their sentences. If not, ss stick the papers on the walls.

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