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Was/were past tense grammar lesson - Haya Zaghal - TP6
Global Elementary A2 level


In this lesson the students will learn the past tense of the verb to be with its forms and practice it


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of was/were past tense trough the context of work and study

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of the target language through writing using was/were


Warm up ( Lead-in) (3-5 minutes) • To intrest the students and get them ready for setting the context

1. The Ss will see a picture of scientists and scholars and they will discuss in pairs for one or two minutes, what their names are and what they know about them. 2. Then there will be a WC discussion, students will hear each others' ideas and answers

Reading Task • To contextualise and introduce the target language and practice reading for information

1. In the previous lesson the students listened to people giving information about two institutions. The students will read the script to the listening and have it folded because here will be another set of questions underneath it. 2. Under the script there will be some general questions about the text 3. this part will be for the students to do themselves first and then discuss it with a partner

highlight target language • to highlight the target language so that the learners are focussed on it

1. After discussing the general questions about the script the students will then open the unfolded paper to see the modal sentences and some CCQs under it to answer. 2. the students discuss the answers together afterward and then have a WCFB

Clarifying target language • To clarify the meaning/ pronouncation/ form of the target language

1. To clarify meaning: From the reading the script and modal sentences the students will understand that this is the past form of verb BE and is used in past situations and historical ones. 2. To clarify Form: the modal sentences will be put on a power point slide projected onto the board and will have pieces of paper which have parts of speech on them. The students will be divided into two big groups and have some of the students will stand in two lines to stick the right part of speech onto the right place in the sentence. then teacher will clarify the form written under the sentences 3. To clarify pronunciation: Stress and intonation will be clarified to the students by backchaning and marked on the board

Language practice • to provide written practice focused on using the language acuurately

The pictures used in the beginning in the lead in stage will be shown again and put on different colored paper to group the students, but with the some information given about each one to write sentences using was/were with each one.

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