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making conversations
Beginners level


In this lesson, Students will be introduced to some chunks of language ( functional language) that makes a conversation interesting and keeps it going on, and that will be executed in class through out a series of exercises and practice: controlled and semi-controlled and free practice and they will also review and put what they have learnt in the previous lesson into practice.


Abc H-O from New Headway, beginners, page 75

Main Aims

  • to introduce the student to the functional language and practice it with them through exercises and and activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice listening skills through listening for specific information


Lead in (4-6 minutes) • to expose the student to the target language without giving it away.

Sts will be shown some pictures to try to give them a chance to predict what the audio will be about. student will listen where a man and a woman will be having a conversation about the woman's last vacation.

Set up stage (5-7 minutes) • To introduce the Sts to the target language through a practice activity

The teacher will divide the class into two groups Lions and Eagles. T will give one group some strips of paper that contain sentences about some past actions and the other group will have strips that contain probable answers to the past statements. what student will have to do is, for example, Sts in the group that has the sentences are going to look for the one in the other group that's gonna have a suitable question for the statement they possess and vice versa. Sts will be given 5 min. Possible ICQs: how many minutes do you have?(5min) will you be looking for people from the same groups or from the other group?(other groups). do you have answers or questions?(answers/questions).

Highlighting target language (3-5 minutes) • to highlight the target language and give clarification about the form, meaning, and pronunciation

Teacher will rely on two model sentences to highlight the form on the board.

Practice activity 1 (5-6 minutes) • Provide the Sts with controlled practice to familiarize them with the target language and review what they have learnt in the previous lesson about making questions in the past form

Sts will be asked to do exercise number 6 which requires of them to make questions with the questions tags and the verbs given between brackets. Student will be given 2 min to do the exercise and after they finished they will check in pairs. The Teacher will play an audio where the students will have to listen and check if their answers were correct or no. possible ICQs : how many minutes do you have? (2min) will you work in pairs or alone?(alone) Will you make questions or answers?

Practice activity 2 (2-4 minutes) • to provide oral practice and check if they got the intonations of the target language right

T will ask Sts to work in pairs and read the example conversation in exercise activity. The teacher will monitor while Sts are doing the exercise and take notes if the pronunciation was right or not. the teacher will give the students 2 min to do the exercise. Possible ICQs: how many minutes have you got?(2min) Will you be working alone or in pairs?(pairs)

Activity 3 (5-6 minutes) • the review the target language and give the student more ideas about making conversation which will come in handy in the exercise to come.

T will ask students to do exercise number one from the workbook in pairs. In this exercise, the teacher will change the class by asking one of the students in the class to change his seat so students will have the opportunity to work with different partners. In the exercise, students will have to fill in the gaps with questions from the box above. Sts will be given 3 min to do the exercise, The exercise will be projected on the W/B to get the FB. Possible ICQS: how many minutes do you have?(3min) will you be working alone or with a partner?(pairs) are you going to use your own questions or the one from the box?(from the box).

activity number 4 (8-12 minutes) • Provide the students with semi-controlled practice based on exercise number 6

T will ask the student to pick one of the short conversations in exercise number and make it longer. Sts will be working in pairs and the teacher will give them 5 min to do it. The teacher will be monitoring at that time for probable mistakes(to be corrected at the delayed Fb stage). The teacher will ask some student to role play their conversation. will you be working alone or in pairs?(pairs) how many minutes do you have?(5min) will you be making the conversation longer or shorter?(longer).

Optional activity (5-7 minutes) • give freer practice for the student to practice what they have learnt through out the lesson.

The teacher will ask students to make up similar conversations. the student will work in groups Feedback through role play. they will have 5 min.

Delayed Feedback stage (2-3 minutes) • correct Sts mistakes

The teacher will rely on the W/B and CCQs to clarify meaning and form problems. Probable CCQs:

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