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Modals of deduction and speculation
Intermediate B1 level


In this lesson students will learn about modals of deduction and speculation through guided discovery and at the end of the lesson they will practice using them through speaking activity.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Modales of deduction and speculation by using sentences without context.
  • To provide clarification of Modals of deduction and speculation in the context of Friends got lost in their journey

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of Rules in some places


lead-in (4-5 minutes) • Getting Ss engaged before they start the actual lesson.

1- Greet Ss and have a warm discussion with them about their weekend. 2- To seize Ss attention and engagement at the very beginning of the lesson and raise curiosity tell them a very wired secret about you " I'm in love with someone, but don't tell my wife because I will be in a serious trouble" point out to your neck. 3- Let them listen to the song " Friday I'm in love" and ask them if they can find out who my love is. 4- Elicit from Ss Why they think I'm in love with Friday. Because : you can go to bed late ( might be, because I am not a night owl). You can get up late next morning ( can't be, because i am an early bird). You can have a big breakfast next morning( could be, I like having big breakfast with family). No work so I don't have to get dressed and leave your house in a hurry and get stuck in the traffic ( must be, because I hate traffic). You can cook a very big meal for lunch and I don't need to eat at the restaurant ( could be). Saturday night you can leave your house and go for a walk with your friends have fun and have dinner together (must be, because I like hanging out with friends).

test stage (4-5 minutes) • I need to have an idea about what they now about these modals.

1- Give Ss hand out number. 2- Ask them to fill in the spaces then to match the sentences with the picture. 3- Let them check their answers in pairs. 4- Give feedback and discuss with the class the answers.

Highlighting (8-10 minutes) • to get the students engaged in the TL.

1- Give SS hand out 2. 2- urge the to infer in pairs what's common about the sentences. 3- If they faced difficulty put them in group of 4 and give them graded help through providing some prompts. 4- Tell them they share the same concept accept for one sentence. 5- After the questions is being answered let them re order the sentence in terms of possibility.

Clarification (10-12 minutes) • Controlled practice to raise Ss awarenessabout MPF and to clarify the meaning, the grammatical form and any pronunciation problems.

1- give students hand out 3. 2- Ask them to figure out the right sentences in ex 3. 3- Let them check in pairs. next give w/c FB 4- Then in ex 4 let them tick the right sentence and cross over the wrong one. 5- Change pairs and let them check with their new partners.

Semi control practice. (5-5 minutes) • This hand out to let them practice TL in a semi-controlled environment.

1- Give Ss hand out 4. 2- Ask them to fill in the spaces with one of the modals we spoke about. 3- let them check their answers in pairs. 4- let discuss as whole class their different ideas about the possibilities.

Freer Practice (8-8 minutes) • Giving them the opportunity to us the TL in their discussion in free environment.

1- Split class into groups of 4. 2- Reflect hand out 5 on the WB. 3- Tell Ss we are going to be deductive today. Here is a crime happened in Ireland. 4- You are detectives and to figure out the criminal you have to address the following questions. 5- As demonstration do the first question. 6- Tell Ss the winner group is the first to finish the questions and figure out the criminal. 7- if time let the groups check their answers. 8- Reflect the answers on the WB.

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