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People performing different common action. Present continuous
Elementary A2 level level


In this lesson , students will learn present continuous tense by listening , speaking skills in warm up , & fallows by role play during teacher`s & peer interaction. The lesson fallows by mechanical practice, CCQ.


Abc pictures .flashcards .music .role play .pantomime

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of present continuous. To teach form, meaning and pronunciation of present progressive.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a mini dialogues in present progressive


Warm Up/ Lead in (5 minutes) • To get students talking & announce "Today we will practice the present continuous tense" .

Tell your students" stand up". Say & write on the board "You are standing up". Repeat with several other known commands .In each case, ask what he, she or they are doing by using pictures and flashcards.

Exposure • To provide context to teach the target language

I show the students "sit down", "stand up" ,"walk" etc by doing in front of them and the power point which shows my pictures through music. In every slide of my power point, there is a picture of a boy or a girl who are doing an action like the action of sit. at first I ask what is he doing? I say "sit", "sitting", "he is sitting on the chair and I repeat the way for all of the other verbs.

Highlighting • To draw students` attention to the target language

Point out the rule :I form the present continuous tense with the verb "to be" and an active verb with an " _ ing" ending. (write on the board "present continuous tense : be + ing") & show sentences as examples of the question &negative present progressive on the board.

Clarification • To clarify the meaning ,form, pronunciation

I`ll divide the students into groups of 2 people .In every group one student listens to loud music, and he has to guess what his friend is doing in a pantomime. like: she is running.

controlled practice • To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

I ask comprehension questions: What am I doing?(write the correct answers students give on the board.)What is_____doing? (a student who is taking notes.)Is this in the present continuous tense?(write a gerund on the board by itself . 0

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