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To clarify and practice the functional language of ability.
Intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To clarify and practise the functional language of ability.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed reading.


Lead in and context setting. (3-5 minutes) • To generate interest into the text, and engage students.

First ask ss: Do you watch programmes that support talented people? Who watch them with you? Do you love them? Do you think the competitions in these programmes are really challenging? Would you like to apply for any of them in the future? Another alternative(in case you find the class bored after having the first class) Get ss to watch a short video about one of talent sponsor programmes, and tell you what is it about. You can ask the same follow up questions mentioned above.

Exposure to and highlighting of the target language. (3-5 minutes) • To expose ss to the functional language through a reading text.

Focus ss' attention on the text. Tell them they are going to read it carefully so that they can complete the questions on task one. Give them time limit (3 mins). After they finish, ask them to check in pairs. Give them an answer key. Answer key : 2-20 years 3-learning Italian words 4-she won the contest 5-misdirection 6-card tricks

Language clarification (15-20 minutes) • To clarify the functional language.

1-Give ss a handout including a table. In this table students write the things they can /could do and the things they can not /couldn't do shown in two columns . Tell them they can match the highlighted words and expressions on the text with the right position in the column (things we can do or can't do). Demonstrate with one example : When I say 'I didn't have a clue to sing opera ', do you think it means I could sing opera? Students answer no. Explain that I didn't have a clue means I didn't have knowledge or I was unable to remember something. After, they finish, let them check in pairs, and provide an answer key. (provided separately) otice : Ss will detect the meaning through guided discovery, and by connecting each item with the things they can /could do or the things they can't /couldn't do shown on the hand out . Your role here is to provide them with feedback after they finish the task to make sure they have completely understood all the items. Use CCQs. Then let ss do the task. (Give time limit, 3minutes) 2-Write the sentence 'I managed to do all the tricks successfully.' Do you think the man could do the magic tricks successfully? Was it easy or difficult for him? Listen to students' views. Then give feedback that when we say managed to we mean he did it after doing a lot of efforts,and finally succeeded to do it. 3-Ask ss to look back at the text and complete the expressions with infinitive or verb ing. Allow pair checking and give them an answer key. 4-Highlight the form. (Please, see the language analysis sheet) Examples : 1-not have a clue how to +infinitive. verb to have +object +how to +inf. 2-be useless at +verb +ing be +adjective +preposition+verb+ing 3-be able to +infinitive verb be +adjective +infintive 4-have no idea how to +infintive verb to have + quantifier +idea +relative pronoun +inf 5-Drill the items students find difficult to pronounce.

Practice (7-10 minutes) • To provide ss with practice of the tatget language.

1-Controlled practice : Ask ss to do exercise 6, putting the verbs in the correct form (ing/infinitive) Provide an answer key.(Kindly see the language analysis sheet) 2-Free practice : a-Let ss do exercise no 8 where they are asked to write 3 true sentences, and 3 false sentences about them selves. After that ss are asked to work in pairs, and ask each other two questions about each sentence.

Flexi - stage (6-8 minutes) • To do some further practice.

Ask ss to do exercise 7. They should rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets. Give them an answer key after they check in pairs.

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