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Grammar, semi-modal verbs
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will practice determining the semi-modal verbs and learn their roles, then use them in their speaking practice.


Abc Modal verb handout
Abc Prompt handout

Main Aims

  • Students will learn to distinguish semi-modal verbs and make their own sentences to practice.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking-students will use semi-modal verbs in context.


Lead-in (5 minutes) • To warm up

Discussion of questions. (Example: I have a crazy landlord who doesn't allow men in my house.) 10.00-10.05

Categorising (5 minutes) • To categorise the sentences into "obligation" or "permission"

Elicit concepts from sentences 1,4,7 (2 MIN) "Can dog owners take their dogs inside?" "Can their pets stay?" "Can they have visitors?" SS classify sentences into "obligation" and "permission." (3 MIN) PAIR WORK PEER CHECK WGFB 10.05-10.10

Underlining the semi-modal verbs (8 minutes) • To help students distinguish the semi-modal verbs and their meanings.

PAIR WORK PEER CHECK WGFB Elicit the verb of sentence 1. Underline. Explain semi-modal verbs: they are independent lexical verbs that take on an auxiliary role and change meaning. (2 WORDS) (famous example: used to from Sahar's class) (2 MIN) Underline the verbs. (2 MIN) Check. (1 MIN) Elicit the rules for: OBLIGATION (make) and PERMISSION (let, allow) (3 MIN) write the formulas on whiteboard. https://www.thoughtco.com/semi-auxiliary-or-modal-1691941

Pronunciation (3 minutes) • To pronunce the semi-modal verbs correctly.

Drill sentence 4, 6, 8 (2-3 MIN) WG

Controlled practice (5 minutes) • help students practice semi-modal verbs.

PAIR WORK (3 min) PEER CHECK (1 min) WGFB (1 min) Students circle the correct modal verb. SLIDE 2. 10.15-10.20

Less controlled practice (6 minutes) • The students will make their own sentences.

INDIVIDUAL (3 min) PEER CHECK (1 min) WGFB (1 min), Using the prompts, the students will write 3 sentences using the 3 semi-modals. (ICQ: IS THIS INDIVIDUAL WORK?) (EXAMPLE: My mother always makes me reset her Facebook password.)

Freer practice (10 minutes) • the students will make their own house rules for their own homes.

Students discuss the questions, then select a random house. Pretend you are the landlord/landlady. What rules would you have for your tenants? PAIR WORK (3 MIN) SWAP PAIRS Your new partner is thinking about moving in. Explain the rules and try to persuade them to select your home. (you can change the rules to sell your point.) (5 MIN)

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