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This lesson will be focused on giving the students everyday food and drink vocab and like and love, eat and drink. With the hope of giving plenty of speaking practice controlled and less controlled.


Abc photocopy matching task

Main Aims

  • To teach food and drink vocabulary in a way that gives lots practice using the TL

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Sts an opportunity to practice their speaking skills.


lead in (4-6 minutes) • vocab eliciting

I hold photos of target words and elicit them from the students and also elicit whether they are countable or uncountable by showing pictures of more than one thing as well as one of each item.

rush to the white board game (5-7 minutes) • To test the Sts on uncountables in a fun way

I make two groups to line up in the middle of the class and give each group a different colour pen and they have to compete against the other when I say the food to write the word in the countable or uncountable column first.

matching words with pics (4-5 minutes) • To give the students practice with the TL

first I hold up the handout and demonstrate showing them the first task ...then I will say in pairs match the words with the pictures They do the matching task in pairs

matching task feed-back (3-4 minutes) • To check the Sts understanding

I say a number and they say a word and I write the correct numbers on the board to make the answers clear

memory test (3-4 minutes) • to strengthen the students new vocab

a) I get them to look at the photo for one minute. b ) then I instruct the Sts to turn over their papers and in pairs tell their partner all the food they remember

listen and repeat (2-4 minutes) • To give the students practice listening to the TL

I play audio CD and they repeat sentences to just give a feel of the intonation from an authentic real life sounding listening

matching task 2 (4-5 minutes) • To give the students sentences to express like love .....

I hold up handout and say in pairs match the pictures with the sentences, they do it in pairs while I monitor Then I show the answers 1-4 A-D on the WB

speaking warm up (4-6 minutes) • To generate students speaking on the TL

I say I love coffee .... I like cheese .... gesturing clearly that love in stronger than like then I try to elicit a student to do the same and say what he or she loves and likes and get them to discuss it briefly in their pairs

model for final task (6-8 minutes) • to show an example to set up final speaking task

I write four sentences ..I love ...I like....I drink a lot of and I eat a lot of and filling in the information about me then I show the paper with the sentences for the students to fill in about themselves on their own then I ask a couple to share with the class.

walk about the room (5-5 minutes) • To give a more free practice for the Sts with the TL

If there is time they can do a mingle activity and everyone can say to each other the food they love and like ect..... If there isn't time it's not a big problem

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