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In this lesson, students will review past vocabulary of family and common household objects, prepositions , contractions, and age collocations. Exercises will focus on listening for specific details and speaking.


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Main Aims

  • To practice listening for specific information and controlled speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review family vocab, Simple Present questions, and prepositions of place


Listening for Specific Information (15-18 minutes) • Listening for Specific Information, Elicit themes

Begin by playing "It's a Family Affair," by Sly & the Family Stone a few minutes before the class is totally seated. "What's the name of the song?" written on the board to have everyone thinking about the theme before we begin. Pause song. Show a picture via powerpoint of the Bushs and the Clintons. Who are these people? politicians Did they know each other before politics? yes Do they live together? yes Family! (Do they make good decisions?) . . . . . "Write something about these people. Compare." Demo: "George W. Bush is George Bush's son." Walk over to someone and tell them. "Is that right?" "Will we write?" yes "will we talk?" yes 2 or 3 minutes later "Attention!" "Fold these papers right here" "Will you look at this bottom part?" no Pass out HO's with fill in the blank vocab about families. Listen and write the answer using the box. Example: George W. Bush is George Bush's ___. son ICQ's if people are confused. "Will we speak?" no "Will we write?" yes. "Will we listen?" yes Play track 72. Check your answers.

Complete sentences (3-5 minutes) • Review contractions and age collocations

Unfold your paper and look at the bottom side. Fill in the blanks with your partners and check your answers. 3 mins Begin setting up 3 stations around the room with realia on the floor, a table, a chair, and in a bag. "OK. Did you get them right? Any questions?"

Match Chunks of Vocabulary (5-8 minutes) • Recognizing vocab, practice speaking

Pass out HOs. Are these complete words? Do they make sense? Write Bro on the board. What does this word need? write "graph," "umb," and "ther" if no one knows. "This one?" no "This one?" "Work together. You have 3 minutes." Finish setting up stations for speaking exercises. "What words did you find?" Have them write the words on the board. "Are these right?" Good

Speaking about objects around the room (8-10 minutes) • Vocabulary, Prepositions of Place, and Speaking

To the class: drill the pronunciation of the speaking forms: "computer" "the computer" "Where's the computer?" "table" "on the table" "it's on the table." "Look at your HO" (show them the paper) To one person: "Stand up. Where's the bag? . . . . .great." To the class: "Stand up. Look around and ask questions. You have 5 minutes." If it goes too quickly, have them think about items not on the list from previous exercises (glasses, sunglasses, etc)

Review (5-8 minutes) • Write after having seeing that Elephants can Drink

Write on the board or ask questions about objects in the room if it seems helpful to clarify the day's lessons.

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