Basak Basak

Assessed TP 1
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, sts practise reading for gist and reading in details through a reading text on marriage. The lesson starts with a warm-up activity which gives a chance to sts to practise in speaking for fluency. This is followed by an activity which gets sts to discuss the ways to keep a marriage strong. Finally if there is still time, sts discuss about marriage in Turkey which again enables sts to practise in speaking for fluency.


Abc Reading text

Main Aims

  • To give sts practice reading for gist and detail in the context of changing attitudes towards marriage.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts practice in speaking for fluency.


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To get to know each other and warm sts up to the topic

Teacher introduces herself and tries and remembers the sts names. S/he plays the tango music 'La Comparsita' and asks sts when they hear this song. Teacher shows some pictures of people from old times in their wedding ceremonies and asks sts to describe what they see which involves the vocabulary that they have just seen in the previous exercise. As sts say those words, teacher writes them on WB. Then she writes 'Marriage is a thing of the past.' on WB then gets them to guess what it means. Once sts understand the concept, teacher gets sts in pairs to discuss if sts agree or disagree and why. Teacher gets WC FB to hear some of the sts ideas.

Reading (15-18 minutes) • To give sts practise in reading and speaking for fluency.

Teacher links the lead-in to the text and briefly explains what the text is about to sts. Then s/he gets them to do ex.2. After sts read and check in pairs, s/he gets WC FB. Before doing the next reading activity, teacher pre-teaches some vocabulary like dead/alive, increase/decrease, divorce, agree/disagree, belong. In ex. 3 teacher does the first one as an example with the WC then gets them to do it. Teacher gets sts to read, put sentences into text and check answers in pairs before checking WC.

Post-reading (18-20 minutes) • To get sts to discuss their ideas on a related topic

Teacher asks if it is possible to have a healthy marriage then s/he gets sts to discuss the ways to keep a marriage strong and healthy. So s/he divides the sts into two groups according to their gender and tells them to list those ways. After sts' brainstorming, s/he asks to tell their ideas and at the same time writes them on the board and gets them to discuss their ideas with each other. Teacher may also add some points to the lists on the board if there is any need. If there is still time, the questions in ex.4 can be discussed as WC.

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