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Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn vocabulary and practice reading through different reading techniques (skim & scan). The lesson starts with a quick discussion about beaches. This is followed by a mix & match vocabulary activity. Once I have made sure they have acquired the necessary terms to understand the reading activities, the students will then continue on reading extracts from the novel The Beach. Several activities and text discovery methods will be used to enable students to interact with the text. To finish, the students will practice their understanding of the text through some oral practice.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice in the context of the novel The Beach

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about beaches in the context of the novel The Beach


Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and make the context of the lesson interesting for the sts

Name tags. Introduce myself. Ask students to look at the three photos and to say if they have ever been to any beaches like these. Ask which one of them they'd most like to visit and encourage them to explain why.

Pre-teaching vocabulary (8-9 minutes) • To introduce the new vocab which will be coming up in the text and the reading activities

I will change the sts around and make four new groups (1,2,3,4). I will give each group an envelop in which there are cut-ups with words, definitions and pictures. I will tell them that they have to match these as fast as possible. Once they have finished I will give the AK with the right vocabulary. I will then concept check, practice pronunciation and drill the words for which it is necessary.

While reading (7-8 minutes) • Get the sts to first skim read the text and grasp its broad meaning

I will then give a HO to the sts and tell them to focus on the first part and fold the sheet (demo). I will then tell them to read the text fast and individually, and decide which of the photos it describes. Fast peer-check, then WC FB.

scanning reading activity (7-8 minutes) • To get the sts to practice scanning

I will then tell sts to unfold the HO, read the questions and let me know if even after the pre-teaching there are any meanings they do not understand. I will then tell them to answer by true or false, and correct the false statements. Check in pairs. I will then project the answers on the WB.

Second reading activity (8-9 minutes) • To get the sts to use the words in context, those they know and those they have just learnt

I will give another HO to students and tell them they have to work in pairs and fill the two texts with the words and expressions that are in the box on the sheet. Once they have finished, for FB I will tell sts that the answers are stuck on the walls and they must go and check if they've got the right answers. I will then ask sts which which picture matches which description. (Bondi Beach : b - Portinatx Beach : a)

Post-reading, vocabulary in use (7-8 minutes) • To get the sts to put the vocabulary and lexical set they have acquired into practice

I will then project on the WB several questions related to the vocabulary and reading we have juste done. I will make sure everyone has understood all these sentences and ask sts to discuss these. I will divide the class into group a and group b and tell sts to discuss each sentence with a partner from the opposite group in order to get sts to move around and change peer for these questions so that the classroom atmosphere can be energized in the last few mins of the lesson.

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