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pre-intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To provide students with practice to reading for specific information as well as specif detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • students also get the opportunity to practice speaking and learning new vocabulary relating migrants.


lead-in (6 minutes) • to get students intersted in the topic

ask students the following Qs Do you like living in your country? What are some good things about living here? What do you think attracts foreigners to this country? Would you consider living abroad for a year or permanently? Why? language analysis of the word migrant

exposure (8-10 minutes) • to provide context for the theme of the lesson

Show a picture that best describes Scotland to introduce the topic Students write everything they know about Scotland on a piece of paper (one word not sentences). They are given 1 minute When time is up they pass what they wrote to someone next to them (pairwork). Ask volunteers to share what their partner wrote Check if anyone else wrote the same thing to find out if students share the same ideas of what they think of Scotland

exposure (10 minutes) • to provide context for the TL through a matching activity

Students work individually to match the answers. And then work in pairs to compare. Students share answers with the teacher Encourage discussion about the answers as some students may have different answers to others Clarify the difference between emigration and immigration by drawing a picture to show that “immigration” is in and “emigration” is out

reading (13-15 minutes) • students read for specif information- to fill in the gaps

Explain the task clearly as it may be difficult for weaker students. Explain how there are key words that help with linking the missing sentences to the right paragraph. (Usually the last word before the gap) Students read the article for understanding Students fill the gaps with the correct sentences Monitor that students are doing their work correctly Be available to help struggling students. Elicit feedback and make corrections

speaking (7 minutes) • to allow students to share opinions using TL

Students work in groups and discuss the questions Monitor to make sure that students understand the task. Monitor to make sure students are able to use the language relating to migrations; emigrant, immigrant, migrate etc Students can share their thoughts with the class

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