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In this lesson Ss will learn how to write comparatives of character adjectives in sentence in the context of "life with teenagers". Different tasks will be set to let Ss to be more productive through personalization of the context.


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Main Aims

  • To provide process and product writing practice of an essay by using comperatives and character adjectives in the context of "life with teenagers"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide reading for a practice of comperatives and character adjectives using a text about "Robert Macey's family" in the context of "life with teenagers"


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students T asks Ss about their family to elicit comperatives and character adjectives

-T elicit the comperatives and character adjectives and the title of the reading task which is "Robert's family" with the following questions: Question 1. "Do you have sisters or brothers?" Possible asnwers: yes, no Question 2: Can you describe their character like, "Is she/he more (as much as, ..etc.) noisy (shy, moody, aggressive, organized, easy-going, lazy) than you?"

Exposure (7-9 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading about Roberst Family ex.7

-T shows the photo to Ss and tell them they are going to read about a different family (Robert' Family) -T gives HO-1 and asks Ss to do ex.7 in 5 minutes -Ss are doing exercise individually -Use ICQ for the task: will you do alone or together? how many minutes do you have? -T asks Ss to check their answers with other Ss when they finish -T elicit the answer using CCQ (form, meaning and pronunciation) with WC -T asks "who is the easier to live with?" and "why?"

Useful Language (8-10 minutes) • To highlight and clarify comperatives and character adjectives by writing 6 sentence about themselves and their friend

T asks Ss to compare themselves with their friends or siblings by using of "a lot, much, a bit, (not) as...as", and the adjectives from ex.1 and the adjectives from ex.1 (HO-2) -T demonstrates the first example "Olivia's a bit taller than me" and "I am not organized as she is" -T gives Ss 6 minutes to do the exercise on their own -T use ICQ for the task: "will you compare yourself with your friend? will you work alone? -T monitors Ss' senteces for accuracy and help with any problems and take notes for delayed error correction. -T asks Ss : (Now work in pairs and tell your sentences to each other ) -T gives 4 minutes Ss to work in pairs and tell each other their sentences -T elicit the answer by asking : "Who is the easier to live with?" "who has interesting friend?"

Productive Task(s) (15-18 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice writing of comparatives and character adjectives

-T draw a table on the board (H0-3) and asks Ss to copy it into their notebooks -T asks Ss to think about their lives now and their lives when they were a teenager (or five years ago, if they are teenagers now) -T gives personal example to clarify the task - T asks Ss to write two adjectives in each box (personal, appearance, day-to-day life: now and teenager/years ago) on table in 3 minutes -T use ICQ for the task: are going to write 1 ore two adjectives in box? will you work alone or together? -T focus Ss ob the example ex.9 b and highlight how students should finish their sentences, using the adjectives in their table. -T gives an example: "I was more organized when I was teenager than now" -T use ICQ for the task: "will you are a sentences for each adjective you wrote on the table? (possible answer: "yes" ) -T gives Ss 10 minutes to write the sentences -T monitor for delayed error correction and help with any problems -T set the Ss in pairs and asks to tell each other about the differences now and then, using the sentences they planned in 9b -T monitor and take notes for error correction -T asks Ss to share interesting answers with the class *For an alternative activity and depending on the level of Ss, T may set Ss into two groups and ask to write as much as the sentences on the board in 5 minutes. Then T will give a price (chocolate) to winner group.

Feedback and Error Correction (1-5 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

-T writes few examples that Ss made during tasks especially the ones related to the forms of target language (comperatives) without calling Ss' names -T asks Ss to discuss in pairs and find what are the mistakes in given word/sentences -T elicit the right answer

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