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Christopher Webb Celta TP3 - Functional Language
Elementary level


This is a Functional Language lesson aiming at increasing fluency and accuracy with focusing on TL through speaking and listening with interaction patterns.


Abc Functional Language Exercise
Abc Sentence Correction Activity
Abc Famous Celebrity Pictures
Abc Functional Language Exercise

Main Aims

  • To provide practice and clarification of language used for Describing people through speaking and listening by focusing on TL in the context of Adjectives i.e. tall/short/fat/thin - she has (blonde hair) - he is (tall) - she has (dark hair)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about Describing people in the context of Different types of people


Warmer/Lead-in (5-8 minutes) • To generate interest and activate students

The Sts have been exposed to the relevant listening and speaking activities today. I will put them in two groups first and ask them to choose a Team Captain. I have prepared a mini slideshow which they will quickly look at and be exposed again the TL. Then they will discuss and write the adjectives of each person on a sheet and the selected team leader from each team will read out all the adjectives and come up on the board and write one adjective (the most significant, if possible) to describe the people on the slide. I will re-visit the slide (time permitting!) for Feedback session at the end of the session as the slide has a final part of a mini test which is covering today’s TL -What does he/she look like?- which is the main idea of this Warmer. To get Sts to think of -What does he/she look like?-

Functional Language Exercise 1-Listening (8-10 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to deliver the Form of TL

Before playing the recording, I will pair Sts up. Next, I will elicit and drill -She's + adjective- She has + noun- then play the recording, aiming to establish the concept -What (d.o.e.s.) (he/she) l.o.o.k l.i.k.e ?- I will use myself as a model here. I will point at my hair. Next I will write on w/b 1. blonde hair -He has blonde hair-. Next I will point at my height and ask. Write (short) on w/b and -He is short-. Then follow with the Functional Language Exercise 1-(Listening 1.45)-P29.

Functional Exercise 2 - Correcting Sentences (8-12 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice TL and gain confidence in the Form of TL and accuracy.

Sts will check each question and sentence and add one word to complete the structure. Due to this exercise being self-explanatory, I will apply a peer check method and ask Sts to compare their answers through mingling around within a few minutes. While Sts mingle around for peer check, I will introduce -What does he/she look like?- on w/b.

Functional Language Activity 3 (5-8 minutes) • Providing a self-performed and student centred practice of the TL through speaking and discussion

I will ask Sts to pair-up differently this time. After pairing up with a different partner, I will ask Sts to choose a person in the class but NOT their partner. The restriction is -Do NOT tell B-. Each student (first As) will ask B the TL Qs in order to find/guess the chosen person of A. This will be repeated by Bs which enable Sts to practice TL and Form even further.

Speaking Activity (8-10 minutes) • Creating an additional opportunity to pratice TL in order to gain fluency and accuracy

During this stage of the lesson, I will ask them to pair-up (A+B) and show the famous people's picture on w/b (Ss Bk-P132-135). I will write the celebrities names on w/b and also ask them to discuss in pairs about how the celebrities look Now/Then. During this stage I will be monitoring to check for understanding.

Feedback-Mini Quiz (3-5 minutes) • To provide feedback and self-check opportunity at the end of the session

The warmer slide has two parts. However, I have only showed the first part for warmer part. The second part covers today's TL and I have saved it for last to finish the lesson with the unshown/detailed final part of the slide. The lesson started with a basic/simplified warmer and will end with the same tone but more progressively, by which I am aiming at showing Sts their progress throughout the lesson. If any correction is needed I will apply it after the second part of the slide.

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