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Lesson on jobs, using verb TO BE to talk about jobs, WH question words and VERB TO BE
True beginners level


In this lesson SS learn about nine common jobs through a word-picture matching exercise as well as listening for gist and specific information. By the end of the lesson they are expected to have learned that verb TO BE and indefinite article a/an are used to talk/ask about someone's (sb) job. Correct pronunciations of the nine jobs taught are presented and practiced. This lesson creates an opportunity for presenting the correct intonation of WH questions in a rather simple structure (WH question word + verb to be+...?)


Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about describing people and their jobs in the context of jobs

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of Singular form of verb to be for WH questions in the context of jobs and personal info


Review (5-10 minutes) • Review of nationalities and countries

T will show the picture of a famous Turkish actor and ask SS where he is from. He will write on WB "He is from Turkey" Then He will write He is Turkish next to it. He will go through the same above procedure with a Rolex watch He will write on "Rolex come from Switzerland" Then He will write "Rolex is Swiss" T will give them folded hand-outs with 6 pictures of 5 famous persons and one picture of a famous food. T will put SS in pairs and they will write two sentences next to each picture. SS will unfold hand-out to see the answers. T-S feed back. Few new ideas, eg. Michael Jackson, Rejeb Tayeb Erdogan, Hafiz, Orhan Pamuk, Kofte

Word-Picture Matching (5-10 minutes) • To learn new vocabulary (lexical set of jobs)

T will give them the instructions on matching the pictures and words by doing one of them as an example: T will stick the photo of famous Turkish actor and a singer on the board, labeling them a and b. T will write "an actor" and "a singer" below the pictures. T will write "a" next to actor and "b" next to singer. T will put SS in pairs to do the activity. T will put them in different pairs to check answers. In checking stage T will bring one of SS to the front of the class. T will say the label of one of the pictures , the S will give the T the word (job). T will reinforce eye-contact. SS will check the answers in pairs the same way (eye-contact) T will elicit with the WC.

Pronunciation (3-8 minutes) • Learning correct pronunciation of the words

T will write the jobs on the board highlighting the stressed syllable. T will pronounce the word and SS will repeat after the T chorally. T will spot check by pointing to the words.

Photo-names/info matching (5-8 minutes) • Listening for gist

T will pre-teach "beautiful", "single", "married" and "a friend". T will write the four words on the board. T will model pronunciation of the words. SS will repeat chorally

Table Completion (5-10 minutes) • Listening for details

T will put the photo on page 17 of Student book on the WB. T will introduce Tina Matt and point to the photos of their friends SS will listen and complete the table

Gap filling (5-10 minutes) • Using singular verb TO BE with WH questions

T asks: "Where am I from?" T will point to colleagues (other trainees) T asks "Where is he from?" T asks "Where is she from?" Write two sentences on the board: Where is she from --------> Where's she from? What is her name? --------> What's her name? T sets the task and SS will do the activity individually. SS will check in pairs. T will elicit with WC

Pronunciation/intonation (3-5 minutes) • Pronunciation/intonation of WH questions

T will play the recording anbd puase after each sentence SS will repeat after the speaker

(5-10 minutes) • Controlled speaking activity, practicing WH questions

T models the task with one of the SS. T will put them in pairs and set the task. T will elicit with the WC.

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