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Intermediate Speaking and Readin TP2
İntermediate level


İn this lesson Ss will be practicing both reading and listening skills. The whole lesson will be themed around the new topic of memory. İt will act as an intro for the following lessons which will also be on memory.


Abc Whiteboard
Abc HO #1
Abc HO #2
Abc Blank A4 paper

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation and debate in the context of Memory and opinions
  • To provide gist, scan and deduction reading practice using a text about Memory in the context of Opinions and İnformation

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give new group of students the opportunity to learn more about each other and bond
  • To provide practice and review of of new vocabulary in the context of converstaion and debate


Lead-in (5 minutes) • To welcome the class, introduce the new topic and build rapport

Welcome Ss to the class. Ask if any students need pens or paper. Hand out as required. Hand out blank A4 paper and ask Ss to fold it and write their names on it to make simple name signs. Write Memory on the WB and inform the students that this is the new topic. Clarify that the Ss understand Memory. Explain if necessary. Joke that my memory is bad hence the name cards, this will help clarify memory and build rapport.

Warm up (10 minutes) • To encourage interaction between Ss and between T and Ss, To reinforce understanding of the new topic "Memory". To build rapport by playing a fun game. To practice speaking skills.

Write 2 example facts about myself on the WB. Discuss with Ss Ask Ss to write down 2 interesting facts about themselves. Ask S to walk around the classrom and tell each of the other Ss the 2 facts about themselves. Arrange class into PW or GW depending on the class size. Get each PW\GW team to remember and wrıte down as many of the facts as they can about all the Ss. Ask for a volunteer from each team to read out the facts they have lısted. Use WB to mark down points. 1 point per fact. The PW\GW wıth the most points wins the warm up exercise.

Activity 1 Reading and speaking (10 minutes) • To give Ss the opportunity to practice their reading and speaking skills through opinions and conversation.

Distribute HO #1. Arrange Ss into pairs. Tell Ss to read section 1a on HO #1. While they are reading write "Which of these things are you good or bad at remembering" on theWB. Clarify Ss understand the term "Pin numbers". Use CCQs to determine. Explain pin numbers if required. Make joke that the Ss are not to worry because they do not have to give me their pin numbers to build rapport. Give the example to them that İ am good at remembering faces but not names, hence the earlier name cards. Get Ss to discuss with their partner the things they read in section 1a and wether they are good or bad at remembering them. Pointing out the subject written on WB "Which of these things are you good or bad at remembering". Give Ss 5 minutes to discuss. While Ss are discussing write "Do you have a good memory on the WB". Monıtor Ss discussions Ask students to share wıth class 2 things that their partner is good or bad at remembering. Ask Ss the question on the WB "do you have a good memory". Tell Ss to dıscuss their answers with their partners. Nominmate Ss to share their answer with the class. Try to elicit details

Activity 2 reading speaking and comprehension (10 minutes) • Give Ss the opportunity to improve speaking and reading skills.

Arrange class into different pairs to encourage more interaction between the Ss. Ask Ss to read the comments in section 2 of HO #1. İn the new pairs ask Ss to discuss if they have any similar feelings, memories or circumstances to the ones in the text. While they are discussing wrıte" photographic memory and Pi on the WB. Monitor Ss conversations. Nominate students to share there thoughts on the text with the Class

Activity 3 reading and speaking (10 minutes) • Give Ss the opportunity to improve speaking and reading skills.

Check Ss understanding of the "Pi and "Photographic memory". Explain if necessary. Use CCQs to confirm knowlege. Distribute HO #2 Explain that the Ss are to gist read the text on HO #2 and not try to understand every word. Explain that they will have time to read it more carefully in the next lesson. Explain that they must then match the numbered paragraphs in the text on HO #2 wıth the lettered comments on HO #1 that they read and discussed earlier. Set a time limit of 3 minutes for them to gist read the text and complete the exercise. Encourage Ss to discuss answers in their pairs. Check answers with the class. Nominate Ss to give answers. Thank the class for what was hopefully a wonderful class!

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