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who wants to become a millionair
intermediate level


in this lesson students will talk about a quiz show and would play the role in class


Abc picture
Abc Rules hand out
Abc reading hand out
Abc reading hand out

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a competition in the context of who wants to become a millionair

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about cheating in a quiz show


Lead-in (1-2 minutes) • to activate schmata

T will show a picture of a quiz show that is will known in Turkey in make them talk about it in groups.

preparing to speak (11-12 minutes) • to provide the learners with a model of the task

T will provide the student A, B different hand-outs and make them read for gist first time and to get the idea of what is the txet about. T will make Ss to answer the two questions below. T will ask Ss A, B to tell each other the stories they have read. T will ask Ss if they have any words that they didn't understand, and clarify if they have. 11:30 at the end of this stage

speaking task (17-19 minutes) • for learners to ptactice their oral fluency.

T will put Ss in groups of 5 and tell them that they are going to play who wants to become a millionaire. T will provide Ss with the Rules of the game and explains them to Ss. T will draw a table on WB and put the names of the groups on it to start the game. T will give one chance for each group to call a friend or to ask one of the teachers for help and show that on WB. T will do a try for the first round to see if they understood. T will highlight if they were wrong with anything. T will control the game and continue Q by Q . T will provide the picture of a million dollars to the winner. 11:49

practice (11-12 minutes) • to provide freer oral practice

T will show a picture of a billion dollars and ask ss if they want it. T will write this question on WB, What would you do, if you won a billion dollars? T will ask students to write down Two things they would do with the money. T will ask them to work in groups and decide together to choose only two things they think are the best to spend the money on. if there was time left, T will ask groups to join together and decide which three things are the best to spend the money on. at the end T will decide to give the picture of the billion dollars to one of the groups.

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