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Careers Past Simple
Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students further their practice of the simple past via a listening task about careers. The lesson starts with a presentation of a fictional character. Students are required to put his working life into sequential order by date prompts. This is followed by a discussion of jobs and careers and a short drilling of new vocabulary pertinent to the topic. This is designed to prepare the class for the listening section. A True/False activity checks their comprehension. And, after more listening, students are required to compete a gap-fill exercise. Finally, there is free practice by means of a role-play speaking session.


Abc Sequence activity cards - self made
Abc True/false handout ( Lifestyle Pre int S/B)
Abc Gap-fill handout (Lifestyle Pre Int S/B)
Abc Character role-play cards (self made)

Main Aims

  • To practise listening skills in the context of careers

Subsidiary Aims

  • to learn lexis related to the content
  • Practise the past simple tense


Lead In (5-7 minutes) • To create interest in the topic and expose Ss to key vocabulary essential for task completions

I will start by writing the words "job" and "career" on the W/B. Then I will put up a sketch of "John" and underneath write " His Career Success". I will ask Ss Qs to elicit their understanding of the concepts and promote prediction ideas. Groups will then be provided with a set of cards about John's life and asked to place them in date order. I will next put up a time-line on the W/B and ask Ss to stick the cards in the appropriate order on that time-line. Once checked for accuracy, I will highight the past simple structure by asking a few questios that require SS to answer about John's past in that tense.

Pre-Listening / Vocabulary Building and Drilling (8-10 minutes) • to aid students' ability to recognize key vocabulary for follow up tasks

I will ask Ss questions which focus on the relevance of time when discussing a job and a career. CCQs - Can you do a job in one day? Can you do a career in one day?....Then, I will move onto "success". CCQs - Is it good or bad/doing well or badly? Is everyone successful in their work life? Was"John" successful? Why/How? Students refer to the W/B. What 5 things did he do/have to be successful? Focus words for concept check and drilling for pronunciation: Education= business school Knowledge=research Passion=fantastic, loved it, wanted it Contacts=friends, talk to people Stamina = try again/problems

Listening (8-10 minutes) • to practise listening for gist and help Ss to gain an overall understanding of the text

I will advise Ss that they will be listening to an audio. I will tell them that there are two people in dialogue. One asking Qs and the other a person called Adam who is answering those Qs - Interview. Ask students to work in a Group/groups and write down things that were important for his success. WC Feedback. Hand out True/False W/S and ask students to work again in a group/s and complete. ********Advise 5 MINS....ICQ...... WC Feedback.

Listening for Detail (8-10 minutes) • practise listening for specific information.

Provide each student with a Gap-Fill W/S. Tell students that they will listen to the audio again and to try to complete the W/S on their own. Post-listening, students can discuss their answers with peers in a group/pair setting (dependent on class size). Tell Ss they have a 5 MINS limit for the peer sharing. ***********NOTE - Ss may need to listen to the audio again to complete above task. Play agian if required. Then WC Feedback

Post-Listening (6-8 minutes) • to practise speaking skills in the context of an interview

Show Ss an example Character Role Play Card. Character name, One Job/Career ( Job, Date - failure) Another Job/Career (Job, Dates - success) Choose a random student and model a short and simple interview dialogue -ie. What is your name? What was your first job? When did you start that job? Was it successful? Why did you start your (acting/ engineering/ medical / modelling etc) career? Example answers: I wanted to help people. I wanted to be famous. I wanted to make a lot of money. I wanted to meet different people. *********Monitor, listen for correct language/errors and use of interactive phraseology - Really? That's fantastic! and encourage creative input. **********If students do not feel confident to start, then above list of example Qs and As can be written on W/B. Latter strategy not preferable as this is opportunity to check production. ******if time permits, error correction work with the WC

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