Pouyan Pouyan

B1 level


Abc hand out
Abc answer key

Main Aims

  • to use a listening model to tell an anecdote about a party

Subsidiary Aims

  • to use indefinite pronouns accurately


Lead-in (14-16 minutes) • set the context

I'll draw a picture of myself on the board and ask the students to guess who he is? after guessing, I'll tell them who he is, I'll draw a cloud on top of him and I'll ask:" what's my favorite sentence?" ( "Never say no to anything,say yes to everything".) then I'll underline 'anything' & 'everything' and ask them whether they know any words similar to them.I'll write the answers on the board in an organized way.then I'll ask them which of them are for people which for things and which for places?I'll circle every group and ask them the what or who or where do these pronouns refer to?then the hand outs will be given to them in order to complete the box in pairs! then I'll ask them to look at the conversation and underline the correct answers in pairs.Then I'll give each pair the answer key!

pronunciation (7-9 minutes) • to practice sentence stress and intonation

I'll tell the students that we are going to sing.In this stage I'll use back chain drilling for the sentence stress and intonation practice.Then I'll draw their attention to 'wanna','gonna','gotta' and 'ain't'. I'll ask them to tell me the writing form of each.then they'll rewrite the sentences with the real forms.

Speaking/listening (15-20 minutes) • to use a listening model to say an anecdote about a party

"have you ever been to a fancy dress party?" I'll ask.they probably don't know the meaning.I'll use Paul's picture in the book to let them guess what kind of party it is.then I'll ask them to read the questions.then I'll tell them what we are going to hear.then the CD will be played.they'll find the answers and check with their partner. then the answers will be written on the board.now they will discuss with their partner about a party they had been. then each pair starts sharing their anecdote with the class.other pairs will ask them the questions in the previous exercise.

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