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A1 level


In this lesson, Students will learn about adjectives through the pictures and model sentences in a power point presentation with the context of Turkey. The lesson starts with a little warm up activity asking and answering questions about names, countries, jobs, marital status and phone numbers which they learnt last week. This will be followed by a powerpoint presentation, listening and matching activities to get deeper knowledge on what adjective is. Then ss try to discover the rules of using adjective in pair work and later on they will work in groups to order the sentences correctly. Finally ss will play a game where they will show papers with pictures on it to their groups and form sentences using adjectives in reference with the pictures orally.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of adjectives in the context of places, cities and people of turkey

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice of adjectives in a pairwork and groupwork


Stage 1 (lead in) (3 minutes) • to review last week's lessons and warm up the student for the new week.

-write name, country, job, married, and mobile number on the board. elicit the questions and get sts to stand up and mingle to ask these questions.

stage 2 (15 minutes) • to provide new vocabulary of adjectives in the context of places, cities and people of Turkey

-have the projector ready to adjectives powerpoint presentation -get to ss to say something about the pictures on the first page of the presentation. Places in Turkey. "Let's talk about more about Turkey." -start the presentation, chose ss to read the sentences, drill the adjectives. -at the end of the presentation word "adjective" will come. we call these words in red as adjectives. - ask the students say how many of the adjectives they remember and get them write on the board. -Change seats and pair the students - Ready the other presentation starting with matching adjectives. - Mention about opposite and show an example on the board. -ask the students work in pairs to match the adjectives to the pictures

stage 3 (5 minutes) • to provide controlled listening and speaking practice to pronounce the acjectives better

- open track R3.1 - get the ss to listen and repeat - get the students to work in pairs and take turns to test each other on the adjectives. One student says an adjective, for example hot, and his/her partner says the opposite, for example cold.

stage 4 (15 minutes) • to provide specific information about the rules of using adjectives.

-ready the OHP to the presentation " how to use adjectives" -divide students in 3 groups - give instructions - discuss with your group circle the correct ones. Each group will start at the same time - pass out the HO. give 2 minutes. - get answers from groups one by one. Write the rules opposite the sentences. -group the students again. -pass out the handouts -ask the groups to order the sentences. -the first group completing the task correcly come to the board and write the sentences.

stage 5 (5 minutes) • to practice using the right vocabulary in accordance with the pictures

- divide ss into 3 groups - give the instruction - one student from each group comes and takes a card with names on it. Then he/she shows it the group and they have to form the sentence with the correct adjective. - when they are finished check the answers with whole class showing the card.

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