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Teaching Practice 5
Beginner level


In this lesson, the students will do a review of the grammar structure "there is/there are", its question and negative forms. This grammar structure has been taught in the earlier classes that the students had and that's why it's mainly going to be a grammar lesson and a practice for this grammar structure. The sub-aim is going to be grammar practice of "there is/there are", listening and reading of a dialogue in the context of "A good neigbourhood".


Abc Reading Text & Exercises Sheet
Abc Listening Exercise Track

Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of "there is/there are" in the context of "describing places"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of describing places.


Warmer (4-5 minutes) • To arouse the students' interest in the context and prepare them for the following stages.

The teacher will first ask the students where they live in Turkey. Some CCQ might be: Where do you live? Is it a nice place? What's near your home? The students will be shown a picture of a town called "Lemmington". The teacher will then ask the students to tell him what kind of things are present in the picture of Lemmington Town. Students will talk about the picture and describe the elements inside the picture. Some possible answers should be: There is a park or There is a river, etc. The teacher will later try to describe the meaning of "neighbourhood", which is basically "the area of a town that surrounds someone's home".

Listening & Reading (4-6 minutes) • To prepare students for the listening activity and practice listening for specific information.

The teacher will connect the picture of Lemmington that was mentioned in the Warmer stage to the listening dialogue that they will do in this stage. The teacher will describe the two characters that are a couple trying to find a home in Lemmington. The teacher will then tell the students to both listen and follow/read the dialogue and try to understand what the dialogue is about.

Exercise 1 - True of False (3-5 minutes) • Exercise regarding the listening dialogue.

The teacher will have the student listen to the dialogue again but this time it will be listening for a certain information. They will try to answer which answer is True and which answer is false.

Grammar Revision/Explanation (6-8 minutes) • To help students understand the meaning and the usage of the TL.

The teacher will draw a chart diving it into three section. The first section will be about positive sentences: There is a school. The second will be negative sentences: There isn't a school The last chart will be the question (both singular and plural nouns): There aren't any schools Are there any schools? The students will be encouraged to give example sentences regarding the structures.

Exercise 2 - Rewrite the sentences (8-10 minutes) • The students will practice the TL and its usage by doing an exercise.

The teacher will show the students the next exercise they will do. He will re-explaing the meaning of the symbols in the brackets: (+) - A positive sentence (-) - A negative sentence (?) - A question sentence The students will try to rewrite the given sentences in the exercise and change it to an appropiate sentence type that was given in the earlier stage: (+), (-) or (?).

Controlled Practice - TL (8-10 minutes) • To give students controlled practice of the TL.

The students will give words that they will have to turn into questions using the TL and answer these questions also using the TL.

Extra Time Activity (5-7 minutes) • An extra time activity that may be done if lesson finishes before the ending time.

This is a pairwork exercise in which the students will be both given a picture of a section of a town and the students will try to describe the things that are present in their picture to their pairs.

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