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In this lesson, students will practise reading for specific information and deducing meaning from context.


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Main Aims

  • To provideTo practise reading for specific information and deducing meaning from context in the context of describing stress levels.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise listening for specific information.


Warmer/Lead-in (2-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Welcome Ss to class. Show them pictures of stressed people and ask them to describe how these people feel. Ask them how they feel before an exam. Elicit "Stressed". Ask Ss for more examples of stressful situations: "When do you feel stressed too? Give me examples of stressful situations".

Pre-Teaching Vocabulary (2-3 minutes) • To pre-teach vocabulary that might hinder Ss' understanding of the text

Pre-teach the following words: Expert /ˈekspɜːt/ (adj.) Gallery /ˈgæləri/ (n) In a hurry /ɪn ə ˈhʌri/ (prep. phrase) Show Ss pictures of those words, one by one. Elicit answers. Drill three times before showing them the spelling of the word.

Meaning in Context (15-18 minutes) • To give Ss time to read highlighted words in sentences and then deduce their meaning in context.

Ask Ss to read quickly the sentences that have highlighted words. Demonstrate with them on the word "guide": Read the sentence and "think" what "guide" means. Ask CCQs to make sure they get it: Does she help people? Does she know a lot of information? Does she go to different places with tourists? Give Ss 5 minutes to read the highlighted words in their context and think of how to explain them. ICQs: Will you write anything? No Will you read and think? Yes How many minutes do you have? 5 mins After reading, ask CCQs to check their understanding: Then => Does Louisa do housework "after" or "before" making George sandwiches? Always => Is she in a hurry "all the time" or just one time? At home => Does she want to eat "inside" her flat or "outside" it? Cycle => Does she drive a car or does she use a bike? Canteen => Is McDonald's a canteen? / Do you have a canteen at school? Pick up => Does she send him away? / Does she go and get him? After => Does she eat dinner first? Until => Does she finish answering e-mails before 9? Babysitter => Does she come when parents are at home? / Does she take care of old people or babies? Story => Does she tell him something that really happened? Display pictures of words after getting answers to the CCQs

Reading for Specific Information (6-7 minutes) • To provide students with a reading for specific information task

Ask SS to read the whole text again carefully, because they will ask each other about details in it. Give them 3 minutes. Divide Ss into A and B. Demonstrate with them: Student A will ask Student B the questions he has in the card. After s/he finishes, they exchange roles. Hand each the cards of Louisa's Day. Give them 3 minutes

Listening for Specific Information (8-10 minutes) • To practise listening for specific information.

Set the context: Where is Simon? On a train. What's his job? He works for a computer company. Does he work in the same place where he lives? No Pre-teach: Contract When you go to a new job, do you work without giving them reports and documents? No After you get the job, what do you "sign"? Contract Display pictures of Simon's Routine. Give instructions: You are going to listen to Simon talking to Professor Parker. Number the Pictures 1-5 ICQs: Are these pictures in the correct order? No Will you speak or write? Write. Will you write words or numbers? Numbers. Give SS HO2 Play track 3.6 once. SS check in pairs. Play it again. Show answers. Now, listen again and write the answers. ICQs: Will you speak or write? Write. Will you write long answers or short answers? Short. Play track 3.7. Give them 1 minute to check in pairs then play again. Let them complete the missing parts. Show answers. What is Professor Parker's advice? Listen and remember what he says. ICQs: Will you write anything? No. Will you listen and remember? Yes. Play track 3.8. Get FB from SS. Ask them: Who do you think is more stressed? Louisa or Simon? Work in pairs. Discuss and tell me why. You have 2 minutes. ICQs: Will you work in pairs or alone? In pairs. Will you write anything? No How many minutes do you have? Two. Get FB from SS. Make sure ALL of them speak.

Flexi-Stage (3-5 minutes) • To practise free speaking in the context of a typical day.

Divide the class into pairs. Each pair will have interview questions about a typical day. Demonstrate: Omar, what time do you wake up? What time do you get up? Omar asks: What time do you wake up? Let's find who is more stressed. You have 3 minutes. ICQs: Are you writing anything? No. Will you work in pairs or in groups? In pairs. How many minutes do you have? 3 minutes.

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