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2nd Teaching Practice
A1/2 Elementary level


In this lesson we will follow the same general context as the previous one. (White House) Review and practice of there is/are and questions with How many in the context of houses and flats.


Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with clarification/review and practice of there is/are and questions with How many in the context houses and flats

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary, Speaking


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • Engaging the students to the context by practicing the sections of the house

Students will match the words/pictures with the sections of the house. Eg: They will write bedroom next to the picture of a bed or living room next to the picture of a sofa etc. They will check answers with their pairs.

Language Focus (25-30 minutes) • Learners will learn and practice how to use There is/are

Write affirmative/negative sentences with There is/are Elicit the meaning Show how the sentences are formed. Model how the contractions are done and drill. Remind them not to use yes-no in formal speaking. Exercise 1: Give the instructions and share the handout for exercise 1. Individual work and then pair check answers. Exercise 2: Ask students to form 5 questions individually. Pair check answers. Focus on plural nouns. How many: Write question words like How, what etc. give examples. Elicit the meaning of how many give examples. If there is enough time let them ask questions to tutor. (Eg: Is there cinema in Acıbadem?) Exercise 4: Let them form questions with the given material in exercise. Individual work. Pair check. Focus on the usage of plural nouns.

Freer Speaking Practice (10-15 minutes) • Practicing the language and vocabulary learned.

Ask students if they live in a house or a flat. Ask them to draw their own flat's plan and write the names of the sections. Ask them to prepare a presentation for their flat/house. Ask them to make the presentation to their pair. Nominate one or two students to make presentation to the class.

Delayyed Error Correction (5-7 minutes) • Correcting most common mistakes

According to the inputs during the lesson I will either do oral drill or focus on language by writing model sentences.

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