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Writing practice,mystery story 'Something strange happened on the way to...
Upper-Intermediate, Level B2 level


In this lesson, Ss will be given the chance to improve their productive skills through writing a story on the given topic ' Something strange happened on the way to.. and use their creativity and imagination. Apart from that during these session Ss will have the opportunity to practice their knowledge on past tense forms learned from the previous lesson slots. Ss will activate their background knowledge of general vocabulary and newly learned vocabulary on the topic of 'Magic and mystery'.


Abc Presentation slides, Worksheet HOs

Main Aims

  • The main aim of the lesson is to give Ss practice in writing a mystery story on the topic of 'Something strange happened on the way to...and implement the TL using previously learned grammar and vocabulary knowledge

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss the opportunity to practice past tenses; past simple, past perfect continuous, past perfect


warmer/ lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To engage Ss in the topic that they are going to have

I will put the phrase 'Something strange happened to you on the way to ..'on the board or show it in slides. Personalising the topic Ss will engage in discussion in pairs and share their experiences, Ss will tell something strange happened to them and hear different strange things happened to their partners. Besides, some ideas will be shown if the Ss gets confused to engage, e.g on the way to work, shop, home, school, etc.

Pre - writing (5-6 minutes) • to give Ss the opportunity to revise their grammar knowledge

I am going to ask Ss to bring some examples of past grammar tenses that they have learned in previous lessons in order to give them the idea that we are going to practice and activate grammar in our writing task as the topic is called 'Something strange happened on the way to.. referring past events.

Planning the writing (6-9 minutes) • to brainstorm to find ideas and details to build your text

I am going to announce that Ss are going to write a mystery story on the topic of Something strange happened on the way to... before Ss act I am going to put them in 4 groups being 3 or 4 people each. Then the Ss will be given worksheets containing questions. Ss will answer these questions using the imagination, the answers can be funny, unrealistic, amusing. While Ss are engaged in answering the questions T will put some useful phrases on the board so that the Ss could use them while doing the next stage

Drafting the writing (7-10 minutes) • group the ideas, build the structure

Once the Ss have completed answering the questions, they get ready to put their ideas in order, select or reject the ideas, add more details,group, categorize or organise their thoughts and decide how to build the structure of the task. By doing so consider the message, meaning, grammar and phrases to build the sentences and paragraphs. Each group chooses one secretary to write the text, the rest provide ideas and work effectively together T monitors the groups to see if they are on the task or need some help Once Ss completes the drafting, T asks the Ss to swap the drafts for peer correction, to give feedback on each others mistakes T feedbacks in needed

Final writing (6-10 minutes) • to produce final version of writing accurately

Once the peer correction is done, each group receives their drafts back and start editing,correcting mistakes, proofreading to make the story look more correct. After completing the final writing each group choose their member to read their story loud to the class. Finally, the best story is chosen by the Ss

Wrap- up (3-5 minutes) • ending the lesson

In this stage T gives feedback on ss writing and focuses on some mistakes while observing the group doing their task.

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