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unit 6
B6 level


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Main Aims

  • To provide carification and practice of two part verbs, requests, requests with modals and apologies

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening, speaking and writing skill practice


Warm up (7-15 minutes) • to engage ss and make them feel comfortable and also catch up whith what is going on in their lives

In this stage I will give ss dices to roll and write the number they get on a paper. Ss should hide the their papers so other students can't know them. I will ask students to write down things that happened the them the past couple weeks ( since we haven't met for two weeks) For instance if a student gets number 5 they will share 5 things. I will ask student to fold the papers and throw them in the middle of the classroom. then each student should pick a paper share it with the classroom and guess who wrote it.

Review (7-15 minutes) • Refresh students memory of the previous lesson

Since the last lesson was about two part verbs, I will ask ss to give me examples of phrasal verbs and the different ways to place them in a sentence. I will also ask them to make requests and respond to them using the phrasal verbs. In pairs I will ask students to come up with a short conversation using the target language then share with Wc;

word power (15-20 minutes) • learn more about two part verbs, requests and common household chores

First thing first I will ask SS about the meaning of "household chores" then elicit the meaning from Ss. Part A : I will read the nouns and ask students to repeat to practice then I will ask them to match the nouns with the verbs and come up with other nouns that go with each verb. I'll correct this part as WCF. Part B and C : I will ask ss to work in pairs and brain storm some requests that can be made in each of the following rooms ( the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and the bedroom) after brain storming they should buildconversation usin the requests and give excuses as in the example on page 38

Listening task (8-15 minutes) • practice their listening for gist and specific information

I will ask SS " do you think men and women share housework equally? who does more work around the house? why ?" I will ask ss to listen to the results of a surey (an examination of opinions, behaviour, etc) about family life and answer the four qhuestions they have on part A.then share results as WCF For part B: I will ask students to take notes of women, men , boys and girls tasks. ss compair their answers after the first time they listen to the audio, then after the second time I will elicit SS answers. For part C: in groups of 3, I'll ask ss to discuss who does the housework in their families and share with WC

presentation (5-10 minutes) • practice speaking

Mr Omar promised to give a presentation about marriage. so Mr Omar will give a resentation and then we will discuss it and ask SS if they have anything else to add concerning the subject.

Name 10 game (5-10 minutes) • refresh students and make them have fun together

in large 2 groups I will ask students to think of 10 items that fit particular criteria. For example: Jobs where you have to wear a uniform football clubs Sports that are played with a ball Foods that contain egg Animals that lay eggs Three letter parts of the body – eye, arm, leg, hip, ear, toe jaw, rib, lip, gum

perspectives : reasonable requests (10-20 minutes) • discuss common requests and introduce requests with modals and would you mind ...?

I will use this activity ad a dictation activity. ss should work in pairs. one of the students should sit in their desk and have a pen and a paper, the other ss should read from the paper haug on the wall and dictate it to thei partner. when they finish they should match the sentences and listen to the audio and check their answers. we will discuss as wc which requests are not reasonable and why. I will ask ss if they made similar requests or others to their neighbors. after the discussion I will elicit 4 kinds of requests from the exercise to introduce the grammar focus.

Grammar Focus (15-25 minutes) • practice making requests with modals and would you mind + ing

From the examples I will ask SS to compair between the requests they learned previously ( informal) and the ones with modal ( formal ) I will also elicit the from of the requests. For "would you mind ....?" I will underline the gerund to hilight the form of the verb after the expression both in affirmative and negative requests. I will ask students to come up with their own requests using the target language. and share with WC. I will ask ss to match the requests with the appropriate responses in part A and check their answers together then share with wc Part C: I will ask Ss to brain storm some unusual requests individually and go around the class ask their classmates. ss should keep the record of who could do what they were asked and who couldn't.

speaking: apologies (10-15 minutes) • practice making requests and apologies

I will ask ss to write down three complaints they have about neighbors, the have some suggestion on the book in part A for part B students will take turns making requests and they should respond with an apology along with an excuse, promise or an offer. at the end of the activity we will do a role play.

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