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comparative adgectives
intermediate level


In this lesson the students g


Abc circle the correct forms

Main Aims

  • to provide clarification of comparative adjectives in the context of brainstorming for birthday gift

Subsidiary Aims

  • to review the adjectives and to provide practice of comparative adjectives


lead in (1-5 minutes) • to activate schemata to review some adjectives to describe the objects

I will ask students : _ what is very important to you when you are looking for a gift for someone ? I will tell them : next weekend is my friend's birthday and i am going to buy a gift for her. I have chosen two things, a hat ( i'll show) and a watch (i'll show) . Can you help me to compare them and choose the better one? then i'll ask some questions about the hat and the watch: Which one is more beautiful? which one is bigger? Which one is more unique? . . .

presentation and practice (6-25 minutes) • to highlight and clarify the grammar points related to comparative adjectives

I will write the answers on the board in complete sentences , each type in one color. I will ask them: am i comparing two things or more? in the sentence" the watch is more beautiful than the hat", both are beautiful? Then i will help students to get the rules by asking some questions: how many syllables does it have? What is the structure? . . . I will ask students to work in pairs to guess the structures and then i will go over the answers with the whole class. i will write the rules on the board in a chart i will continue this stage by clarifying the spelling rules to practice the grammar point , i will give them a list of adjectives with their correct and incorrect form of comparative adjectives. Students are supposed to circle the correct forms individually and then check their answers in pair. I will go over the answers with the whole class .

production • to provide an opportunity to practice using comparative adjectives orally and in written form

Task 1 i will give them a hand out consisted of some sentences and ask students to fill in the gaps individually by using the adjectives as clues, and try to use comparative adjectives ' forms correctly and then check their answers in pair. While they are working in pairs i will check on them and give them help if needed. Students will discuss their ideas in class as i am monitoring them. Task 2 i will put students in pair and show them pictures of 2 famous iranian actors and stick them on the board. Students are supposed to compare them in pair base on the information they have, use the adjectives as clues, and try to use comparative adjectives in complete sentences as much as possible . I will monitor and give them help if needed.

feed back and error correction • to provide feedback on students production and use of comparative adgectives to compare two things

I will monitor and note down the common errors students make during their pair/group works or while getting whole class feedback and correct them on the board.

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