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Skills/ listening / Serdar Yılmaz/ 25.03.2016
Beginners level


In this lesson plan, students will learn about email address and personal information. During this lesson students will use their listening skills.


Abc Teacher's Book A1
Abc Students Book 2C

Main Aims

  • to provide Listening Skills( gist,prediction and listening for details) in the context of personal informations such as email addresses.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide function on speaking and personal informations.


Warmer / Lead-in / Introduction (7-9 minutes) • Setting up the lesson context and engaging students to TL.

Stage1 ) Greetings...T puts his name and date on the WB. T is going to arrange the sits to create a friendlier atmosphere. On that moment T will also sort out pairs by giving them numbers. To make sure Sts know their numbers T will ask ıcq's. Reason for giving numbers is to do with the warmer activity. T will ask number1 from every pair to come to WB by turns. Number1 will be given a picture of a job and will try to mime his/her job to number2 from the same pair. Purpose is to get Sts engaged to TL while repeating topics from last lesson. Sts will enjoy watching some acting skills. Stage2)T will introduce email address by writing one on the board. Highlighting on @, _, - and . Sts will recognise email form from daily life. T will elicit email signs and leave the written form on WB.

Presentation / Managing the Listening Skills (10-11 minutes) • Focus students on personal informations (email,business card,mobile phone etc.) on the CD to help students with listening skills such as gist and skimming.

Stage1) T will explain that topic is very important, it's about personal information. By doing this T will get Sts to focus on the email addresses and business card on the students book. T will ask Sts to work in pairs and try to say email addresses 1-4 on page 18.Sts will try to read emails first time around so it may be little noisy. Next T will play CD for Sts to check the answers. T will drill if necessary. Stage2) T will give Sts a task paper and ask Sts to write down their names and own e-mail addresses. Sts probably will try to say it in English while they are writing it down. On this moment T will add extra icons next to written form. T will collect the task papers and mixed them. Next T will ask Sts to read them out to see if they can say it write. T will observe to see if Sts can say it right. T also will follow if Sts are saying the part of the emails that indicates the country in right order like dot u-k, dot t-r.

Controlled Practice /gap filling and listening for details (13-14 minutes) • Students to complete the new member.

Stage1) T will draw Mr. Vowel to WB. Asking Sts if he is single or married. T will guess he's married and have a wife that's why he's bold! this will make Sts giggle. The reason T use Mr. Vowel is to use vowels on the gap-fill activity for the new words. Sts will need to practise new words to understand new member form.Sts will complete gap-filling activity in pairs. T will give 5 minutes for completing it. T will check answers while Sts filling the gaps and correct the wrong answers right after this task. Stage2) T and Sts will talk about the picture. T will ask : who's on the picture?where are they? what's gym, what'S his job, Who is the new member?....Sts will answer to these questions....on that moment T will ask Sts to complete the form by listening to CD and T plays CD..T makes Sts focus on the task by telling Sts why they are listening to CD. T will play the diolog again if it is necessary. Sts will work in pairs and compare answers.

Production ( freer practice ) / Speaking and filling the form (10-11 minutes) • Sts to carry out activities to show they can use the tought language in a much freer way.

Stage1)On the last stage Sts will work with a different partner-pair. The final task is that Sts will interview their new partners using the new member form. Sts will be reminded that they can use 'how do you spell that?' or can you repeat that plaese? T will check the final task but won't involve in any part of it . Instead will take notes and monitor Sts. Stage2) T will give Sts homework to do more practise at home till next lesson. Sts will have to get their best friends to fill an information form. This will engage Sts on the TL.

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