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In this lesson, students will learn food vocabulary and how to state if they like/love something. They will drill new vocabulary words for pronunciation and play a memory game to help with the meaning. Students will observe how the vocabulary is used in like/love sentences through matching and listening activities. Finally, students will try to produce their own lists of likes with the vocabulary.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of food vocabulary and function in the context of "what I like to eat."

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening and speaking practice in the context of people's favorite foods.


Introducing the Vocabulary. (10-13 minutes) • Elicit the vocab's meanings, syllable stress, and pronunciation.

Hold up photos and elicit the words from students. As they say the word put them on the board. Note: Leave "vegetables and chocolate last" Once the words are on the board: Drill the words and mark the stressed syllable with big/small circles ex. sugar Oo Point out that single syllable words don't have stresses. For "vegetable" and "chocolate" point out: veg-e-ta-ble (4) but pronounced with 3 "vege-ta-ble" choc-o-late (3) but pronounced with 2 "choc-late"

Memory Game (7-9 minutes) • To commit vocabulary to memory.

Alone -"Look at the picture and memorize the foods that you see. Do NOT write anything down. You have 2 minutes." -ICQ's "Are you going to memorize the picture?" "Do you write anything down?" -Towards the end of the 2 minutes begin taking vocabulary off the board -Take away handout. - Split into pairs - "Tell your partner what you saw" "You have 3 minutes" -Write " I saw a/an_____, a/an_______,..... Checking: Write 1-16 on the board. Get early finishers to write what they remember on the board. Ask each group to fill in until the 16 is complete.

I like/love matching (4-5 minutes) • To identify the vocabulary in context and introduce like/love/a lot

-"Do NOT unfold the paper" -"Match the sentence to the picture." -ICQs "Do you open the paper?" "Are we matching?" -Hand out paper. -Monitor first then begin flipping vocabulary back over. -Check with a partner -Write 1-4 and let early finishers write -Check answers with class

Understanding "Like/Love/Eat/Drink/A-Lot (5-6 minutes) • To check understanding of like/love/eat/drink/a-lot and provide clarification

Elicit: Eating-mime (spoon to mouth) Drinking-mime (glass of water) Like-"Thats good, I ____ it." Love-mime (hug) and say "I reeeeaaaalllly like it" I ____ it. Write these on the board as they produce them. A lot: Draw two pictures; 1. two apples 2. ten apples Point to 1. "A few" Point to 2. "_______" "A lot" -Drill the phrase

Listening and Practicing Sentences (3-5 minutes) • To provide structured speaking practice of "I like/love/eat/drink....."

"Listen to the recording and repeat the sentences." -Play recording R3.18 -I like fish. I love chocolate, I drink a lot of coffee. I eat a lot of rice. Monitor for correct pronunciation and repeat if necessary.

Fiona Recording (7-8 minutes) • For students to identify spoken vocabulary and hot to use "I like" phrases.

"Turn over your handout to Number 2" "Read over these five sentences. Do not write yet, just read them. You have 2 minutes" ICQs "Are we writing anything yet?" "How long do you have?" After 2 minutes. "Listen to the recording and circle the correct words." Play a second time if needed. "Check with your partner to see if you have the same answers." Write 1-5 on the board. Early finishers or WC answer. 2.tea 4.eggs 5.chocolate "What kind of coffee does Fiona and Nick love?" "What does black coffee mean?" "What does white coffee mean?

Completing/Forming "I like/love" sentences (9-11 minutes) • To put together the vocabulary and sentence structure to form sentences.

"Open up your HO completely." "Complete the sentences using the food vocabulary we learned." "For the last two, create your own sentences." "You have 5 minutes" ICQs - "Are you using food vocabulary?" "Do you create the last two sentences?" After finished writing, Ask a student to read one of their sentences. Respond with "Me too!" "Everyone repeat 'Me too!'" "Or I agree" -Write "Me too! OR I don't like______" on WB "Tell your partner what you like. Answer with 'me too' if you like or 'I don't like ___" ICQ "If you like it too what do you say?" "If you don't like it what do you say?" (4 minutes) Monitor for proper usage and pronunciation

Extra Practice (14-20 minutes) • Continue experimenting with TL: "I like/love...."

Complete the Sentences (Top Half) "Do NOT open the sheet" "Fill in the gaps with our food vocabulary" "You can create your own sentences, as well." ICQs - "Are we going to keep the paper shut?" "Are we using food vocabulary" (3-4min) Tell your partner what you wrote. (2-3min) Ask class about last two (5&6) (1-2min) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Food Chart (Bottom Half) *Point at the board "Look at our vocabulary and decide if it is a vegetable, fruit, meat, or a drink/" "Now unfold your paper and fill in the chart. (4-5min) Check with your partner (2-3min) -Go down list of vocab and get WC to answer fruit/vegetable/meat/etc (2-3min)

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