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In this section of the lesson (3/3), students will practice their speaking fluency skills based on different activities that they will do in pairs, groups and as a whole class. Students will be practicing speaking fluency while they are using the past tense. The first activity will focus on asking and answering questions about the last weekend. Then, the second activity will be "find someone who"; which is a whole class activity. Afterwards, students will work in groups using the game "past simple snakes and ladder" where students will be answering different questions about the past simple (a review). Finally, students will have a fun activity in which there will be a combination of both productive skills (speaking and writing). In groups students will write 3 to 5 sentences in the past that are possible to perform. Then, they should perform the sentences and the other group should guess what they wrote.


Abc pictures +sentences
Abc HO 1
Abc HO 2:find someone who..
Abc Snakes and ladders game
Abc paper for 4/5 sentences
Abc dice and coins

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice using different activities in the context of "Past Tenses"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice and review of the past tense in the context of past events ( past weekend)


Lead-in (5-5 minutes) • To set the context and to engage the students in the lesson

Show different pictures to students and ask them to say what the person in the pictures are doing. In case the use the present tense the teacher will start the sentence will "last week". Divide the students to sentences in the past and pictures and Ss need to find their partners.

Controlled practice 1 (8-8 minutes) • To get students to practice speaking fluency in pairs

Write a question on the wb : "What did you do last weekend?" Explain the activity to students and demonstrate it with clear examples. ICQ: Are you going to write sentences? No! Give the HO1 Individually Ss write four words about their last weekend. Time limit: 2min. Ss will exchange the HO with their pair and try to workout why their partner has written these 4 words using questions in the past tense. And the partner should answer Yes, I did or No I didn't. Last, get some FB from some Ss who have found out something interesting about their partner's weekend.

Controlled practice 2 (11-11 minutes) • to get students to practice speaking fluency with the WC

Show the HO2 to the Ss. and tell them that they have to complete the questions. Do the first and the second question with them and demonstrate the activity. Make sure that they know all the verbs in the questionnaire. ICQ: Are you going to write the same name twice? Students complete the questions. Time Limit: 2min. Students practice using yes no questions with the whole class. Time limit: 8min. Tell Ss to share something that they learnt about a classmate.

Review game (13-13 minutes) • To get students to review and practice using the past tense

Put students into groups of 3 or 4( depending on the attendance) Ask if they know the game of "snakes and ladders". Explain and demonstrate the game. "If you land on a question mark you should take a card and answer it.If you land at the foot of a ladder you should answer the question then climb it. and If you land on the head of a snake you go down to its tail" Give the board game, dice, cards and coins. Make sure that the Question cards are face down. Make sure that every group knows what they are doing by close monitoring.

Freer practice (8-8 minutes) • To get students to practice the TL in a freer activity

Divide the class into two groups. Explain that they should write 4/5 sentences in the past BUT these sentences should be possible to perform them. Explain that all the sentences should be in the past. Give example:" yesterday I drank tea." and perform it. Tell the students that they can draw but they should't speak or write a word. ICQ: Are you going to write on the wb? No. Are you going to say a word? No. Students write their sentences. Time limit: 2min. Take the sentences from each group. Ask a volunteer from group 1 to perform the first sentence. then it's the second group.

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