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Teaching Practice 5
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson students have an opportunity to develop their reading skill in the topic of CV and passion.


Main Aims

  • In this lesson students will practice their skimming and reading for detail skill and they learn what not to put in CV

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students have the opportunity to be exposed to the verb forms


Warm up (5-7 minutes) • To provide students the opportunity to talk about 'passion'

I start the class by asking students' names and some simple personal questions and I lead my questions to "What did you do last weekend?" and I get them to work in pairs. Then I ask them to give me some examples of 'crazy things' they have done. I intend to elicit the word 'passion' in this stage.

Pre-reading 1 (4-5 minutes) • To engage students for the first reading

In this stage I instruct students to work in pairs and do the Ex.1 in 3 minutes and share their ideas about pictures and questions.(I put the pictures on the board) Then I give them the handouts (folded) and finally I get the WC FB.

Reading to match (4-5 minutes) • To give students opportunity to improve their skimming skill

In this part I plan to pre-teach two words; 'Convention' & 'Reckon'. CCQ's for Convention: Is convention a kind of gathering? Yes Are the participants in this meeting for the same reason? Yes Can we use ‘Convention’ for political meetings? Yes CCQ's for Reckon:Does reckon mean judging? Yes If you reckon, it means you believe on something? Yes Then I ask Ss to unfold their papers and do the Ex.2 in 3 minutes and then I get FB. Ss definitely ask the meaning of 'Aficionado'. CCQ’s for Aficionado: Does this word mean to have a little interest in something? No Is it the synonym of enthusiasm? Yes

Post Reading 1 (7-8 minutes) • To check students understanding of details in reading

I ask Ss to get in pairs and do the Ex.3 in 3 minutes. They might have difficulty to categorize these vocabulary so I plan to write the 3 categories on the board while they are working on this part. 1. Words that describe people who like something 2. Words that refer to people's interest 3. Words that refer to starting of an activity Then I get the WC FB. Then I model some of these expressions about my friend and my niece. (My friend is into football and my niece is crazy about trampoline) Next I encourage them to use these vocabulary about anyone they know in PW and then I get the WC FB.

Pre Reading 2 (6-7 minutes) • To prepare students to engage in the topic of CV

I ask Ss if they know what CV is and what it stands for.(Latin -curriculum vitae) Then I ask them to work in pairs in one minute and share their ideas of what they put on their CV's. Next I get WC FB. Then I plan to pre-teach 'Rabid' , 'Reveal' , 'Terminate' & 'Typo'. CCQ's for Rabid: (I have a picture to elicit) If a person is rabid, does he/she have normal amount of interest? No Can a football fan be rabid? Yes Is it considered as a positive character? No Can ‘Rabid’ be used for animals? Yes (like rabid dog) CCQ's for Reveal: Does reveal mean finding? No When you reveal something, was it hidden or unknown before? Yes Is there a factor of ‘surprise’ in the revealing? Yes CCQ's for Terminate: Is ‘give up’ the same as ‘terminate’? No Can it have the meaning of ‘fire’ for the job? Yes Does ‘terminate’ mean ‘put an end to something’? Yes CCQ's for Typo: (Example: There are two typos in thiz sentance) Does typo happen in speaking? No Do you intend to make this mistake? No

Reading for gist (4-4 minutes) • To check students understanding of gist in reading

I instruct Ss to read the text quickly in 3 minutes and choose the best title for the text and then check their answers in PW. Then I give them the handouts and after that I get the FB.

Reading for detail 2 (9-10 minutes) • To check students understanding of details in reading

I ask Ss to read the text intensively to do the Ex.1 (other side of handout) in 6 minutes. Then they can work in pairs to check their answers. I need to make sure not to disturb them while they are reading the text. Finally after PW I get the WC FB. They might ask me some questions about the text.

Post Reading 2 (3-4 minutes) • To provide students to brainstorm their ideas about CV

I ask Ss to work in pairs and talk about the last question (Ex.2). It depends how much time I've got left for this activity and based on that I decide when I should get the FB.

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