Teaching Practice 6


In this lesson, students learn about present continuous for future arrangements. This lesson will start with a odd one out game and this will follow vocabulary cut ups and then listening, then intensive grammar exercise. Finally writing and speaking


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Present continuous for future arrangements in the context of I am going to the gym this evening

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a Writing about themselves using the newly learned grammar structure in the context of Maria is meeting Najima tomorrow morning


odd one out (5-8 minutes) • get the students interested in the topic and getting them recognise the difference between present continuous and present continuous for future arrangements.

Asking three volunteers to go on the stage. Then dividing the class into 2 teams. Telling whichever group identifies the difference, the group will win. .

Exposure to days and weeks (5-7 minutes) • Knowledge of knowing weeks and days are required to understand "present continuous for future arrangements"

Distributing cut ups and doing match with them

Listening (4-6 minutes) • making sure they can detect the spoken sound related to today's grammer

Playing an audio tape and giving handouts to tick and number in order. Then Giving feedback on the board.

Grammer (8-10 minutes) • Preparing students for much more intensive part of the grammer

A very simple form of present continuous for future is going to be distributed. Then pair checking. Then giving feedback on the board

Concentrated Grammar (10-13 minutes) • Assuming that they understood the previous stages. In this stage, improving their ability to handle with more complex tasks

Handouts will be distributed. They work alone then check in pairs. Finally answer is going to be provided

Writing Task (6-8 minutes) • Making sure they can use the grammar in written form

Giving them a form which asks them to imagine... Writing.

Speaking (2-3 minutes) • Ending the class and giving them the opportunity to use the language

Giving them handouts. specific questions are written.

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