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Copy of Speak-out Pre-intermediate 1. 1
Level 2 / Level 3 level


In this lesson students will get to know something about each other while practicing the question forms from unit 1.1


Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of question forms in the context of hobbies, interests and weekends.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice, clarification and review of free time vocabulary.


Lead-in (10-12 minutes) • Test knowledge of yes/no questions, information questions and their word order

Using the .ppt show the students the 7 answers and ask the students to think what the questions could be. Don't check them. Use the Word Form activity, where each question particle has is on a different sheet of paper. If there are 5 particles ask 5 students to come to the board. Give each student a particle and ask them to arrange the words (they are holding them) to create the question correctly. Then ask Ss to ask each other the question. Repeat for all 7 questions.

Yes/no Question Forms (8-10 minutes) • Elicit the meaning and the location of the auxiliary and the verb to be

Following the .ppt ask students if they know what are information questions and yes/no questions are. Focus on yes/no questions and verb auxiliaries. Write the following on the board: to do. Write the following example Does he live here?. Elicit the structure (aux + subject + verb + ...). Elicit more examples. Remember "Auxiliary before the subject" to be Write the following example: Is he married? (aux + subject + verb + ...). Elicit more examples. Remember "Auxiliary before the subject" Focus on intonation: Ascending final. WC repeat, teacher drills.

Information Questions (10-12 minutes) • Elicit the use and meaning of information questions. Consolidate the word order.

Elicit from the Students as many question particles as possible and their meaning Who Where What (many answers) /which (limited answers) When How often How long How much/many Why What time Elicit a question for each particle. WCFB. Make sure students are writing examples on their notebook. Elicit the structure Question particle + aux (do) + subject + verb 1 Question word + to be + subject + adj/noun/v-ing Focus on the stressed word. Drill and elicit. Main verb and question particle are stressed.

Practice question forms (6-7 minutes) • Practice the understanding of question forms

p. 129 of Speakout pre-intermediate. exercise a, b and c (unit 1.1) WCFB Unit 1.1 p. 9 complete GRAMMAR 6A and 7A

Heads and Tails (10-11 minutes) • Practice question forms

Photocopy Speakout Teacher's Book Divide the class in groups of 4 and give a cut out worksheet to each group Students dived the cards equally without seeing them Students places a beginning of a questions and in turns they see if they can match the question. If they can they must ask the question and they can take both of the cards and put them in a pile, not his hand. The students with the most cards wins. Teacher monitors

vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • Elicit, practice and consolidate free time vocabulary

Follow the book Page 8 activity 1A, 1B, 2 and 3

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