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Simple past with Used to
Pre-Intermediate level


Abc Pronunciation
Abc Audio 1.22
Abc Straightforward WB p. 10 ex. 1
Abc Straightforward Pre-Intr. U2B, p.19
Abc worksheet 2 Teacher made
Abc worksheet 1 Teacher made

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in ( used to )

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give practice in speaking about schools in your country


Lead in (4-5 minutes) • To introduce myself to the students and recap from the previous lesson

T. introduces himself to the students Ss review some vocabulary words through an activity that includes the new aim( Used to ) words are age,corporal punishment , compulsory, single-sex Ss work on the written activity /PW Ss check their work in pairs

First Test ( Diagnostic ) (6-8 minutes) • To test students' knowledge about the TL (Used to )

Ss work on a diagnostic test to check their previous knowledge on the TL ( used to ) The test includes sentences from SB Grammar ex. 1p. 19 . Ss have to change the sentences into affirmative and negative group feedback T asks Ss questions: Why did you choose this answer? T elicits answer and Ss explanations for their choices.

Teach TL ( clarifying ) (7-8 minutes) • To introduce and clarify the use of (used to)

Slide 1: The difference in meaning is shown through the two examples. Ss read the examples and identify the difference in meaning: T.asks questions: How many times did I have accidents as sentence 1 clarifies?What did I use to express that idea? How many times did I have accidents last month? What did I use to express that idea? Ss do ex. 2 on p. 19 SB Slide 2: Form and pronunciation: T. asks Ss to read the examples : T. asks: Ss identify the verb in the first sentence. Is the sentence positive or negative? Ss pronounce the verb ( used to ) . T. corrects where correction is needed. Ss read sentence 2 T. asks: Is the sentence positive or negative? Slide 3: Used to VS Use Pronunciation: T. reads the two sentences and focus on the verbs T. asks students to identify the difference in sounds. Meaning: Ss explain the difference in meaning between the two sentences.T. gives feedback.

Second Test ( controlled practice ) and (freer practice) (10-12 minutes) • To provide controlled oral and written practice on using the TL accurately

Ss work in pairs on ex. 2 in the SB page 19 Ss check answers in pairs Ss work in groups of 3 on ex. 1 in the WB page 10Ss read the task on p. 9 and write six sentences about themselves when they were in the primary school Ss compare there answers in pairs

Pronunciation (4-5 minutes) • To pronounce the irregular past simple verbs correctly

Ss look at the four groups of words. Ss decide which one has a different vowel sound from the others. Ss listen to a recording to check. Ss listen again to the recording and practice repeating the words.

Freer Practice ( Speaking ) (6-8 minutes) • To speak in details about schools in the past and schools now using used to in the past

Ss work in groups of 3s and discuss the changes happened to schools in Turkey in the past 50 years. T. asks a pair of Ss to start as a model. T. monitors and take notes for delayed correction

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